Parking Lot Services Boost Curb Appeal and Reduce Costly Repairs


Parking lots serve as visitors’ first impressions of your company, creating the impression of customer service and professionalism. A well-kept lot gives off this impression and should reflect that value in terms of curb appeal and first impressions. Find the best Asphalt Paving in Glendale.

Regular maintenance can save money in repairs later while prolonging asphalt dependability, potentially eliminating the need for total repaving.


No matter the purpose of your commercial property parking spaces – clients, customers, or employees – having an appealing black surface with impeccable maintenance will make an immediate, impactful statement about its status and reputation. A clean-looking lot with fresh lines will attract new clients while instilling confidence among existing tenants or clients.

Sealcoating asphalt pavement using an asphalt emulsion to preserve its color and condition is an integral component of extending its lifespan and avoiding costly repairs in the future. Sealcoating can extend the lifespan of commercial parking lots by maintaining their optimal condition over time and saving money with repairs down the line.

Failure to seal coat your asphalt begins the oxidation process. Over time, your parking lot will fade from deep jet black to a worn grey hue that makes the pavement and stone base susceptible to further damage.

Sealcoat contains sand and additives to provide an anti-skid surface, making asphalt less slippery when it rains or when water accumulates on its surface. This protects clients, customers, and employees from slip-and-fall accidents that could leave you liable for injuries sustained on your premises.

Crack sealing and repair, combined with sealcoating services from our team of expert technicians, are designed to extend the lifespan of commercial parking lots. Acting swiftly upon signs of wear and tear means any problems can be addressed quickly before worsening further.

Pavement Repair

Your parking lot is often the first impression visitors get of your business and how organized and professional it is. A well-kept asphalt lot speaks volumes about its dedication to meeting customer, employee, and vendor satisfaction.

Regularly inspecting and addressing damage in your parking lot early can save time and money in repairs down the line. Asphalt pavement only can take so much wear before showing signs of wear; preventive maintenance methods like crack sealing and sealcoating can extend its lifespan and ensure stable surfaces that are safe for both cars and pedestrians.

Asphalt oxidation and extreme summer heat can quickly turn asphalt brittle, leading to more severe damage over time. Furthermore, unsealed cracks allow water to seep into the pavement and erode its base, leading to pothole formation. This creates hazardous trip hazards for visitors and staff alike and exposes you to liability claims.

Regular parking lot sweeping and cleaning helps prevent dirt, sand, and debris from gathering in cracks where it could further degrade asphalt pavement. Furthermore, regular sweeping helps avoid trips and falls that could occur within your parking lot, protecting employees, customers, and vendors alike. Furthermore, keeping seasonal debris such as leaves or sand clean of drain systems is essential to protect drainage systems as this material could clog drains and be tracked into buildings if left alone for too long.

Striping & Signage

Maintaining your parking lot maintenance isn’t just about improving curb appeal – it also protects its integrity and helps avoid costly repairs in the future. Our team uses specialized equipment and Sherwin-Williams traffic marking paints for our striping projects to guarantee crisp and precise finishes.

Pavement markings are critical components in successfully managing both vehicular and pedestrian traffic while providing ample parking spaces for tenants, customers, and employees. Arrows, crosswalks, stenciling, and other markings work together to form an efficient parking lot and roadway that is safe for all users of the property.

Parking lot striping is often one of the first impressions customers, clients, and visitors have of your facility. Proper markings help organize traffic flow while clearly marking parking stalls, directional arrows, loading zones, fire lanes, and more.

Routine pavement inspections are the key to identifying weak areas in your parking lot before they become unsafe and require extensive repair work. Our commercial and industrial clients benefit from both on-site and remote inspections, with each inspection focusing on pinpointing the cause of pavement damage, such as soil erosion or shrinkage, water intrusion, or heavy traffic volumes. Making timely repairs is the cost-effective approach to protecting asphalt dependability and safety features while our team works with them to create a preventive maintenance plan tailored specifically to their budget and long-term requirements.

Parking Stops

Parking stops (also referred to as parking curbs or wheel stops) transform unstructured property areas into organized, streamlined parking lots that meet ADA guidelines. These physical barriers prevent vehicles from encroaching on other parked cars or rolling into sidewalks, trash cans, or different fixed objects within the lot.

Parking stops provide essential protection for both vehicle drivers and pedestrians, making a professional recommendation of material, color, and hardware for every project essential. Professionals can advise the ideal choice of material (concrete, recycled rubber, or plastic), color scheme, and hardware configuration to meet each project’s needs. Parking blocks constructed of recycled rubber are exceptionally long-lasting in extreme outdoor weather conditions and also resist chemicals, salt, and sunlight exposure.

Properly installed parking stops will protect vehicles from colliding into buildings, curbs, fire hydrants, and other structures, providing smoother driving surfaces for drivers while decreasing pedestrian injury risk. When managed effectively, adequate parking lot management will save money while increasing flexibility for customers and employees – and ensure your building’s parking lots will continue serving you for many years to come.