Rick Steves Tours Review


Taking a Rick Steves tour can be an excellent way to experience Europe like a local. The show is well-organized and offers an engaging way to learn about the country and culture. Its message of tolerance and understanding is as engaging as the places it visits. In addition, Rick Steves’ upbeat worldview is inspiring. His shows are also good for kids, offering food for thought and an excellent introduction to the world. However, younger children may become bored with Old Master paintings and stories of monarchical intrigue.

Rick Steves is a well-known American travel writer

Rick Steves Tours is a popular travel company owned by a well-known American travel writer. It offers tour packages to over 50 destinations throughout Europe and Asia. Many of its tours can be booked online. Guests on the tour can choose between a group tour or a personalized itinerary. The company is headquartered in Edmonds, Washington. It employs nearly 100 people.

The founder of Rick Steves Tours is a travel writer and expert. His television shows have been on public television for many years. His company also sells guidebooks and rail passes. The company’s guidebooks and tours are geared toward a broader audience, focusing on some of the world’s most popular destinations.

He is a political activist

The founder of Rick Steves Tours is a political activist. He is a supporter of environmental causes and works with nonprofits that help the environment. For example, he donated more than $4 million to the nonprofit YWCA in Washington state. He also supports climate change by contributing to the company’s climate-smart portfolio and paying a carbon tax.

In the new book “Travel as a Political Act”, Rick Steves explores why travel can be an important political act. He believes that traveling beyond one’s comfort zone can build empathy for other people and help one better understand the world. By sharing the stories of his travels with his audience, he hopes to make travel a political act.

He is an off-the-beaten-path guy

If you’re looking for a tour that offers off-the-beaten-path experiences, you should check out Rick Steves Tours. The owner of the company spends four months a year traveling the continent, researching guidebooks, and filming a TV show. When not traveling, he enjoys playing the piano and relaxing in his family cabin in the Cascade mountains. He also spends time with his two children, Andy and Jackie. His office in Edmonds, Washington overlooks the junior high school.

While Rick Steves is a travel writer and tour guide, he is also an outspoken activist who encourages Americans to broaden their perspectives through travel. He considers himself a teacher and began teaching a travel course on a college campus in the mid-1970s. His goal is to make travel accessible to everyone, and he measures his success in terms of the number of people he has impacted on his travels.

He is a tour guide in your pocket

If you want to travel like a local, consider downloading Rick Steves Tours to your smartphone. Featuring the expert advice of Rick, these tour guides will help you plan the best ways to see each city. They also have handy charts for accommodations and food, as well as an appendix with travel planning advice.

Rick Steves is an experienced traveler who spends four months each year traveling around Europe. His goal is to encourage more American travelers to take a European vacation. He does this by producing best-selling travel guidebooks, public television series, and radio show, as well as organizing small-group tours throughout Europe. His headquarters are in Edmonds, Washington, near Seattle. He’s also active in various advocacy groups.

He has a unique voice

Rick Steves is a unique voice when it comes to travel. He’s a middle-class spiritual travel agent who is simultaneously goofy and serious. His tone can shift from Pollyanna cheer to hard-hitting critiques of the modern world. In addition to being funny and entertaining, his tours are also highly educational.

The American author has been influential for more than four decades, and his lessons have been carried by millions of people. In addition to traveling, Rick Steves’ mission is to help people make responsible travel decisions. He tackles issues like over-tourism and sustainability. In 2019, he announced a carbon tax of $30 per person, which he pulled from the profits of 30,000 people who took his tours in Europe that year. The tax raised nearly $1 million, or around $900,000, which he later rounded up to $1 million.