Social Media Marketing Strategies for the Social Introvert


Social marketing appears to be the most unexpected development of the last 20 years. Indeed, it is a marketing phenomenon I would have found difficult to predict in any other era. At a first glance, gathering a big group of computer nerds to mingle electronically makes little sense. However, the label “geek” has now become entirely socially acceptable. How do I find the right main smm panel?

Geeks are usually considered a not-so-rare species of highly evolved technologists prone to blurting out unexpected things, snorting when they laugh, suffering from periodic wind, and waxing poetic about their Pez collections. How did I find out? So, I married one. I, too, have a smidgeon of the recessive Geek gene. (Don’t worry: the Pez collection was remanded in the divorce, and I take Beano out of enlightened self-interest.) But you still have hope if you have not found social success online. Even if you’re a social introvert, here’s how to use social marketing media effectively.

The Internet was founded on this premise: connecting brilliant, quirky, often reclusive people through electronic means. The Internet evolved from the mid-1960s ARPANET, an electronic hangout where some of society’s most geeky individuals, such as US government officials and college professors, could share research, discuss topical news features, and (yes!) socialize.

In today’s world, even soft drink firms and pizza suppliers are preceding Super Bowl advertising in favor of investing huge sums on Facebook. Madison Avenue is now directly investing hundreds of millions of dollars in social marketing. Who’d have guessed? With the introduction of social media, nonconformists are under pressure to conform and be counted on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. This is a challenging place to be for those of us who did not attend the prom or even pay attention to who was chosen as homecoming king and queen.

Even if you’re not a total nerd, you could feel awkward using social marketing channels to make your point in a work context. If this is the case, you are not alone. I’m about to reveal two very reassuring facts about adopting social marketing media methods, whether you’re a sociable introvert or not.

When I was a bashful 18-year-old shop-girl in New York City, one of the best pieces of advice I’d ever gotten came to me. The suggestion was given like a paper doily over a glass of superb vintage wine that I was far too novice to enjoy. My college roommate, and her daughter, flirted notoriously with the restaurant waiter, a Greek (the “R” is intentional) fresh off the boat with a thick head of hair, a handsome face, and a slight leer, according to the messenger, a wealthy middle-aged socialite from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. I quickly realized you could get away with almost anything with excellent manners.

That was the message’s first half. My roommate’s mother told me the second half directly about socializing: focus on the person you’re speaking with. Inquire about their background, education, upbringing, work, and family. Bring them out. Please pay close attention to their words and work hard to understand them.

Don’t be a bother, but show genuine interest in what makes people tick. If you can pull this off, you’ll have a wealth of inside information at your disposal and win the hearts and minds of adoring followers. In a nutshell, you’ll be a social success. More importantly, you won’t be preoccupied with your dull Pez collection or your feelings of social discomfort. Thinking about yourself when confronted with an incredible array of details about society as a whole will appear all but ridiculous in comparison. Get out of your head. Learn about other people. Be of assistance.

So many people use social media to brag about themselves, list their accomplishments, and try to impress others to make a sale or forge the perfect connection. It’s a complete waste of time. Instead, add value to your network. Share your true self as well as the best of your knowledge. Share it with others, like vintage wine, even if you believe they are too inexperienced to appreciate it. If you achieve this, your social marketing will take on a delicate, brilliant gloss, attracting all the proper people into your flock.

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