Starlegends Adventures Travel And Tours Reviews


Are you planning to book a trip to the beautiful continent of Australia with Starlegends Adventures? In this article, we will be looking at the pros and cons of booking with Starlegends Adventures. You will also be able to read a comparison of Starlegends to other tour operators such as G Adventures and Intrepid Travel. Hopefully, you will be able to find a tour that is right for you and your family.

Review of Starlegends Adventures

If you are looking for an online travel agency, you have probably heard about StarLegends Adventures Travel and Tours. The company operates from a branch in Sampaloc, Manila. It offers online domestic and international air tickets, hotel accommodations, group flights, and other services. However, you may be wondering what their services are all about. This StarLegends review will answer these questions and more.

Comparison of Starlegends Adventures to G Adventures

Comparing G Adventures to Starlegends Adventures can be difficult without knowing more about the former. The former is based in Canada and has a vast network of offices. However, G Adventures has several advantages over Starlegends. For one, it offers trips to every continent with 32% off the regular price. Also, they allow you to customize your trip and choose the exact itinerary, which can be very helpful if you need to make last-minute changes.

A comparison of G Adventures to Starlegends will help you decide which one fits your needs the best. Both companies are focused on sustainable travel and conservation. National Geographic Journeys combine high-end accommodations and activities with a conservation focus. You can connect with a National Geographic Fellow and engage in hands-on exploration of the local wildlife and culture. These tours may not be as luxurious as other tour companies, but they have plenty of benefits.

Both companies emphasize the importance of community and are committed to establishing a sense of community for their clients. Unlike Starlegends, G Adventures does not charge single supplement fees, making them the better option for solo travellers. They also operate their tours through local partners, so there is a chance that you will encounter a lower-quality service. Whether you choose a small tour or a large, luxury vacation, the two companies have the expertise to deliver an unforgettable experience for your clients.

Starlegends offers more luxury tours than G Adventures, but it’s still difficult to find a trip that suits your budget. Both companies are committed to providing their customers with the best service and experience. However, they are also very different in organising their trips. They offer different departure dates and travel styles. You can also find trips that appeal to adults and have varying levels of physical fitness.

In addition to various travel styles, each company has a particular niche. For example, G Adventures has a family adventure option or a YOLO (live-on-your-own-life) style. Kids aged 12 and older are welcome on their tours, but group sizes are often limited to fifteen people. G Adventures also partners with National Geographic. National Geographic Journeys are premium excursions that include more inclusions, interactions with local experts, and more comfortable accommodations. Starlegends Adventures is more inclusive, but the latter does not accept travellers under 18.

Intrepid offers many different types of tours, but the price for a multi-day tour is typically lower. G Adventures is often cheaper in South America and Southeast Asia, but that may depend on your chosen activities. Ultimately, it is best to compare each trip to see which is better for your travel style. But if the price is not an issue, a Starlegends Adventures trip may be the right choice for you.

Comparison of Starlegends Adventures to Intrepid Travel

When comparing Starlegends Adventures to Intrepid, travellers should look for the same basic features in both companies. These companies offer similar trips, but they differ a bit in their price structure. In addition to a better price, Intrepid Travel offers more diverse tours and activities than Starlegends. If you’re looking for an adventure that’s both adventurous and affordable, consider both companies.

Intrepid is a small group travel company founded in 1989 by two Australian university mates. Intrepid is the world’s largest small-group travel company with multiple offices worldwide. Both companies enjoy an excellent reputation with minimal complaints. They’re renowned for providing the highest-quality tours, but some major differences exist. Starlegends Adventures does not have a large list of benefits or guarantees.

While G Adventures and Intrepid Travel have similar trip prices, they have different trips. G Adventures tends to be more affordable than Intrepid, but you should look for sales. Intrepid is better for those seeking off-the-beaten-track adventures, while Starlegends’ trips are more luxurious. Both companies offer a range of trips and are flexible enough to accommodate different needs. Moreover, you’re never locked into a rigid group schedule, so you can always choose to travel alone. And, unlike Intrepid, G Adventures does not require you to compromise on your preferences.

While Intrepid allows travellers aged 15 and up, Geckos is aimed at youth. Its budget-conscious trips are designed for those aged 18 to 35. It’s also worth mentioning that Geckos trips are only open to 18-to-35 year-olds, while most tours are geared toward adults. The average size of a tour with Intrepid is around ten people, while overland trips with Starlegends can accommodate up to 24 people.

While Peregrine focuses on luxury, Intrepid focuses on affordability. Their average daily price is USD 662, and you can book your trip with a private guide. Most of the transportation is air-conditioned, and they include many premium inclusions. Moreover, the tours and accommodations are more diverse than those of Peregrine. This also makes them more affordable for Southeast Asia trips.

Whether you’re looking for a multi-day adventure in exotic destinations, or an adventure focused on adventure sports, both companies offer tours for every budget. Intrepid Travel tours typically run under $1,000 per day, while G Adventures’ tours are more expensive, averaging $2400 for 12 to 14 days. However, G Adventures used to hold the advantage in the past, but now it’s a close race.