Strawberry Park Merch


Strawberry Park merchandise is an engaging way to show support for an important cause. This year’s event includes a Ninja Nation Obstacle Course as well as over 40 food vendors – and offers arts and music in addition.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton masterfully executed her comeback by timing the re-release of hats bearing the message, “But Her Emails.”


Strawberry Park Merch will delight fans of t-shirts. Specializing in custom-made, high-quality apparel suitable for any special occasion and made with 100% cotton fabric in various colors – each piece can be shipped out quickly!

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knows how to craft an effective comeback. Recently, she released an expertly timed re-release of her $32 hats bearing the slogan, “But Her Emails.” Not only was the release a practical political move, but it also raised money for the progressive organization Onward Together while simultaneously contributing to Clinton’s campaign efforts through each purchase of union-made hats made from $32.


This Strawberry Park Mirror shirt is ideal for anyone who adores strawberries and magic. With its adorable, whimsical design, this shirt will look fantastic with any outfit – plus, it makes an excellent present!

The tee is constructed of high-grade materials and boasts a flattering, comfortable fit that is available in various colors and sizes to meet every occasion. Ideal for jeans, skirts and shorts alike!

The shirt is constructed of a soft signature cotton blend and designed for machine washing. With crisp and detailed prints guaranteed by its high-density fabric, this shirt makes a statement about who you support as an artist or band and offers a great conversation piece! Available online or from stores near you.


Strawberry Shortcake is an energetic girl who enjoys baking. She is hardworking, always willing to lend a helping hand in Berryville, and often overconfident, but she remains a supportive and helpful friend who seeks ways to assist others.

She lives in a pink house with a white roof and three green chimneys, where she wears strawberry-themed outfits and her signature pink sun hat. Her long pink locks can either be worn loosely down or up into ringlets as she has freckled features, brown eyes, and an affinity for sweet things.

Political merch has evolved beyond simple microps or canvasses for insider jokes. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proved this point with her strategic re-release of $32 hats featuring “But Her Emails.” All proceeds from these sales will be donated to Onward Together, an organization created by Clinton and Howard Dean in 2017. They can be purchased online.


Strawberry Shortcake is an energetic young baker with an unwavering work ethic and outgoing personality, often trying to help her friends in Berry Bitty City and supporting them when needed. She tends to think positively, although, at times, she can sometimes act out. Strawberry’s character has been parodied in other media, such as Robot Chicken and South Park.

This hoodie was inspired by Jeni’s “Sunshine” ice cream, featuring lemon, tangerine, and passion fruit flavors. Designed by streetwear brand Lonely Ghost, part of its proceeds will benefit On Our Sleeves by breaking the stigma associated with mental health.

This merch is perfectly timed in response to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, offering the former Secretary of State an effective counterpunch. Additionally, each hat donated will contribute $1 to the Onward Together political organization.


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On Friday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proved her prowess as an adept political merchandiser with the re-release of a $32 hat that read “But Her Emails.” This timely clapback not only highlighted her private email use controversy but also ensured her message would reach its intended target – Onward Together is a political action group that funds progressive groups. Each purchase would include a donation made directly to Onward Together when purchasing it!

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can deliver a swift comeback when necessary, be it subtle political jabs or outright insults. She recently released a $32 hat with “But Her Emails,” alluding to the email scandal that rocked her presidential campaign in 2016. Each hat includes a donation to Clinton’s political organization, Onward Together.

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