The Knight King Who Returned With a God


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Gregori’s axe crashed with devastating force into his opponent’s tower shield, shattering through their defenses and shaking their bones. Gregori roared in victory as his blow penetrated their defenses and brought them down.


Leon Bartfort is an arrogant noble who holds a nobility rank higher than anyone in his world, yet still shows genuine compassion towards those close to him and who have helped them in battle. However, Leon is also known to devise rigorous plans to ensure his team’s victory.

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While Leon may not be known for being friendly with everyone he encounters, he always puts his family and friends first. If that means getting himself into trouble to protect them,, he won’t hesitate to do it; his speeches often make people furious enough that they’ll fight to defend their lives, which makes him both an exceptional leader and formidable adversary.

Leon will face off against an unexpected creature called Gokrok in this chapter. Leon despises Orcs, considering them disgusting creatures lacking intelligence and ethics. When Orcs first invaded humanity, they caused great havoc and violence, prompting Leon to eradicate them.

Leon will easily defeat Gokrok using his extraordinary ability. By combining various factors into his plan, Leon can cause maximum mental and physical damage to his adversaries. Marie and Julius from Leon’s previous life witnessed this trait during his school days when he inflicted significant trauma upon those who bullied him.

Hari is distraught with Leon’s deceptive actions and wonders whether this behavior is appropriate for someone claiming to be a knight. Leon responds that these strategies are necessary to eliminate Orcs from existence and expand his support network by meeting Kirik and the Queen (featured on the poster). Kirik was impressed by Leon’s talents and beauty, becoming an invaluable ally who would prove essential later.


Kirik was an unassuming commoner who rose through the ranks due to his romantic escapades with female commanders and wives of military commanders. Although naturally lazy, he strives to accomplish his objectives, even at significant risk – while remaining true to himself. As one of Eldor’s closest comrades in their division, he was the sole one not supporting any coup attempt; though they both worked as a team, Kirik played comic relief roles while Eldor served as a straight man; unfortunately, both always got into trouble together.

Kirik’s division is called upon to protect Mercelida during an attempted coup against her regime, to which Kirik is initially disappointed that his dream assignment of guarding the palace will go to another division instead. Instead, he finds himself assigned to Reinhild Castle, which houses Reinhild’s harem – however, soon after that encounters Naoya and Ursula fully dressed – who attempts to seduce him but are dissatisfied when they notice his small penis!

On February 16, 2016, the first episode was released and named Kirik Party, depicting Karna from a small town who enrolls at an engineering college and causes mischief along with his hostel mates before gradually maturing and accepting more responsibility over time.

Kirik is an Arabic word meaning “sparkling.” People with this name tend to have fickle minds and cannot commit themselves long-term to plans or courses of action. Additionally, they possess great energy and are always looking for fun activities, often drawing other like-minded individuals together in groups with similar interests. Furthermore, Kiriks are knowledgeable individuals and often lead these groups from within themselves.


The Queen was the successor to a demon king of lust and, as his successor, had great power and pride. She ordered her soldiers and knights to defend against invading demons with all their might, often managing to defeat them, yet evil still came hordes at times, which caused great concern to both herself and her knights.

Leon decided to help the Queen, leading him and his entourage underground, where they found her sleeping. Though corruption swirled all around, she maintained her mental equilibrium enough to protect her loyal knights without succumbing to pride; Leon witnessed this dedication firsthand and was touched by it.

He approached the sleeping Queen and gently touched her body, invoking divinity to flow through him and fill her body. Soon after that, the Goddess of Dreams and Death entered it; the awakened Queen woke with purple-tinged pupils contracting and eyes shining purple with new life.

Her talent and beauty took aback Leon. He knew they would work together – something she readily agreed with.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God is an exciting manga series, captivating readers with its compelling plot. Chapter 31 will soon be out, promising an exhilarating chapter full of surprises as Kirik appears, serving as Leon’s valued ally from on high to witness events unfold from above.

Readers can keep up with past manhwa chapters by reading online, with Comic Naver being one of Korea’s popular manga platforms offering it. Furthermore, unofficial translations may also be found on various fan websites. With its compelling plot and endearing characters already winning over readers’ hearts, it’s wise to start reading early so as not to miss any twists and turns in its development.


Gregori swung his axe at his opponent with all the strength in his arsenal, sending shockwaves through their bodies as their health was reduced in an epic showdown, and they both agreed not to use any potions.

His force met with the sturdy defense provided by his opponent’s tower shield, but the power of his blow still managed to cut clean through, sending a shockwave that sent The White Knight flying backward like someone getting hit with a baseball bat.

Instantaneously, the Knight King began moving forward, dodging holy blasts that came his way and staying one step ahead of his opponent using his light armor abilities.

His hammer leaped from his hand and suddenly transformed into a towering flame that reached into the heavens, setting everything it touched ablaze as its light illuminated every inch of land and sea. All was aflame as its flames seared into the skies above, igniting the earth beneath their tread.

A beam of pure light emanated from the hammer and struck Knight King, temporarily blinding him with the flash of illumination that penetrated his eyes.

Once the flash had subsided, he could see his opponent again and began charging forward with his hammer, blazing with divine might to meet its adversary and create a devastating strike that sent them flying backward. Such was its force, and the blow sent shockwaves reverberating throughout his body, sending opponents flying backward!

As he leaped to his feet, Gregori realized his opponent had another surprise: a streak of red ran across his face before he fell backward. Rubbing it while lying still was all it took for it to land on him and take effect.

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