The Knight King Who Returned With a God Chapter 17


Soon to be released is The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 17 on Comic Naver for reading in raw format.

Lightsong contemplates his place as a god, teases Llarimar to identify the woman from their dreams, and teases Llarimar about her identity.

Jagd Spinner

Jagd Spinner is an action-packed manga with stunning artwork and captivating characters that has taken readers worldwide. Set in a world where devils roam freely, this compelling story offers readers an engaging experience they are looking forward to reading – from here in Japan and across the globe. Fans eagerly anticipate its next chapter!

The Knight King Who Returned with a God is a must-read fantasy series for any fan of fantasy stories, boasting a compelling plot, engaging characters, and masterful world-building. Furthermore, its captivating artwork and epic battle scenes make this an enthralling read that all readers will find irresistible.

In Chapter One, Leon successfully confronts Jagd Spinner. He ignored its railgun attack and charged straight ahead, confounding its AI but eventually remembering its true mission.

After finishing its quest in Chapter 12, Jagd Spinner seemed to forget its fundamental mission. Under pressure from its master to protect its city and perform its duty, it complied with this directive and headed towards it. JS-10 253 took off towards it with haste.

Jagd Spinner faced off against numerous enemies when it entered a city overrun with them, yet managed to defeat them and become a hero in record time quickly. Once its adversaries had been defeated, it returned home and prepared for future battles by practicing for them there.

The next episode of Comic Naver will showcase an epic battle between a robot and its new enemy. Fans who wish to witness it should check back with Comic Naver regularly for updates regarding when and where it will air.


Leon was born into the Lionheart Kingdom’s royal family and quickly trained for 14 years to become a knight, honing his abilities by fighting fair against his enemies rather than engaging in cowardly ambushes. Leon loved sword fighting and even defeated some of the most notable knights during this period.

Tae-hoon’s legs trembled at Leon’s axe resounding across a Gnoll Chieftain’s lair. Even as an underclass hunter, he knew charging would be suicidal without proper strategy and tactics. When Tae-hoon shouted for assistance from Team Leader Kim Do-han and other hunters, they did not respond due to being amazed at Leon’s strength and bravery.

Leon used holy water to throw at the demons, dispelling any fog as divine grace took effect and revealed their intentions: they could see that demons couldn’t touch Leon due to protection provided by the Holy Grail; all evil energy was absorbed by holy water while their demons disappeared into thin air.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God is a trendy light novel that has won readers around the globe. With captivating characters and stunning artwork that have drawn an ever-widening reader base, many eagerly anticipate its next chapter’s release, which should happen soon.

Various theories have surfaced concerning the next chapter, but no official announcement has been made as of yet. The story will undoubtedly continue to intrigue fans as it moves forward with an epic plot and unexpected twists and turns.

The Knight King Who Returns with a God is an engaging tale about a man reborn into an imaginary fantasy world and his battles against devils there for three hundred years before returning to Earth, along with a fantastic companion from this otherworld. A must-read for fans of action and adventure! With stunning artwork and captivating storytelling that keeps readers on edge throughout this manga’s five chapters, available for free reading at Naver Webtoon, read further to discover its latest chapter!


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The Knight King Who Returned With A God Chapter 16 is an engaging read for fans of action, drama, and fantasy alike. Set in a world ruled by devils, this manga follows the adventures of an adventurous young man as he returns from three hundred years of hunting devils back home to Earth, accompanied by a compelling companion he found during his travels.

In this chapter, Leon meets Jagd Spinner again and quickly becomes close. Although initially rivals, Leon and Jagd Spinner have developed a close bond since their first meeting. Both parties possess strong motives and work tirelessly toward accomplishing their respective goals; Leon is primarily known never to let anyone down!

The Knight King Who Returned With A God has captured readers around the globe, and fans should expect that its latest chapter will provide an exciting addition to its epic tale. Watch for a thrilling battle between Jagd and its opponent and an explosive confrontation, which makes this chapter must-read material for fans of this acclaimed manga series.