The Tyrant Wants a Better Life Spoilers


The Tyrant Wants A Better Life is a Manhwa about a Princess who blames her father for her mother’s death yet is given another chance at life through reincarnation.

She vows to use her power for those loyal to her while eliminating those who oppose her – never making the same mistakes twice.


The Tyrant Wants a Better Life is a captivating manga series with an engaging plot that has won the hearts of many readers. Combining fantasy, humor, and romance into an original narrative experience. The story follows former tyrant Aisha as she strives to lead an improved life in her new one, full of difficulties that must be faced as challenges that the characters must surmount to remain positive throughout.

Dorothea Milenea, a princess from another life who was executed due to her oppressive rule, now lives a new life with Ethan and Carson’s help, vowing not to hurt anyone and seeking out old love from her previous existence.

Dorothea may have been given another chance in life, yet she remains haunted by events from her past, and her desire to seek revenge against those who wronged her remains unfulfilled. Additionally, she’s searching for true love, hoping to rekindle feelings she once had for the Crown Prince in her former life.

This tale takes place in an environment filled with supernatural elements. However, unlike modern fantasy tales that focus on vampires or werewolves as their central themes, this one emphasizes human supernatural abilities rather than vampires or werewolves. Aside from ghosts and ghouls, other weird phenomena include ectoplasm and alchemy-based magical powers.

The Tyrant Wants A Better Life has received positive reviews from its audience, as its art style is exquisite, and the story is well-paced with plenty of action and adventure. Additionally, The Tyrant Wants A Better Life boasts an intriguing setting that makes reading enjoyable.

Naver Comics and Naver Webtoon now host this manga, with chapters translated into English for your enjoyment. Download your copy free from all three websites! The Tyrant Wants A Better Life Chapter 45 will be out on August 3, 2023.


The Tyrant Wants to Live Honesty is a manga series that follows Dorothea, a former dictator from Ubera who seeks redemption through honesty in her current life. She had killed the crown prince to become ruler and used her powers to support those loyal to her while punishing those who were not. Dorothea would eventually be sentenced to hang as punishment for her cruel regime.

She vows to lead an honest life. However, her biggest struggle is winning back her younger brother, who never forgot her from their past lives. Additionally, she finds it difficult to cope with memories and emotions associated with her past lives.

Dorothea may have once been cruel and oppressive, but now she shows compassion towards those she cares for and remains loyal. Though her undying devotion to Ethan causes friction between them, Dorothea remains determined to protect her friends from those who would use them as pawns – however, it’s difficult for her when close relationships have fallen into her trap.

This story explores reincarnation and touches upon political themes, redemption, and guilt, making for an enjoyable read that should appeal to readers interested in this topic. With an exciting plot and well-written prose, The Tyrant Wants to Live Honesty should become required reading for anyone intrigued by reincarnation themes.

The Tyrant Wants to Live Honesty can be found online in its raw version and in its English translation on Naver Comics or Webtoons; weekly updates make this free read set in a gothic steampunk world with two main protagonists who engage in dark romance. A fascinating tale, The Tyrant Wants to Live Honesty provides another chance for women to become good citizens during a second chance in life.

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The Tyrant Wants to Live Honesty is an engaging manga that mixes romantic comedy with fantasy elements. Princess Dorothea Milenea once reigned with cruelty as ruler, yet now finds redemption through this beautiful Manhwa with gorgeous artwork and an eye-opening tale of redemption.

Ramguel and Kakon created this manga together, publishing it in 2020 and continuing it since. MyAnimeList and Naver Webtoon listed it amongst their top 50 best manga series; its fans eagerly anticipate its next chapter’s publication.

Although not a full-fledged romance manga, this story contains many sensuous scenes and a captivating plot. Dorothea, the main protagonist, was previously an evil ruler, but after being reincarnated, she vows to live her life honestly this time and not repeat past errors.

She is very different now compared to when she lived her former life, no longer becoming an oppressive tyrant and wanting honesty from everyone around her. Unfortunately, her father still cannot move past his grief for his daughter’s passing and refuses to speak to her; on the contrary, her older brother shows great affection towards her.

Dorothea has concerns regarding her relationship with her sister-in-law, fearing that she will try to seduce her, and has avoided seeing her for months due to this fear.

Naver Webtoon now provides The Tyrant Wants to Live Honest Chapter 56 Spoilers, released several days before their official release date. However, please remember that these spoilers should not be considered official parts of the manga series.

The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly manga, written and illustrated by Ramgle and Kakon, is an irresistibly romantic comedy manhwa with stunning artwork and captivating storytelling that appeals to lovers of romantic fiction and fantasy alike. Over one million readers have discovered its pages on Naver and Webtoon platforms alone – this manga must-read is essential reading!


The Tyrant Wants a Better Life is an engaging manga that explores redemption. It tells the tale of an ex-tyrant who gets another chance at life and decides to live honestly this time while exploring issues of control and influence. With its exciting plot twists and endearing characters, this story is captivating!

Dorothea Milenea is at the center of this story; in her previous life, she reigned as a corrupt, bloodthirsty princess – but upon receiving another chance after murdering her crown prince, she vows to live an honest and fulfilling existence this time.

This historical fantasy manga offers action and romance for fans of manhwas. Readers have given glowing reviews of The Tyrant Wants a Better Life due to its beautiful illustrations and engaging story. Readers of all ages will appreciate its unique setting and captivating characters, who will draw them in!

Owing to its imperfections, this series remains entertaining for readers of all ages. Characters are developed well, and its story is a bit darker than usual manga; however, sometimes, slow pacing and repetitive plotline make this series somewhat disappointing.

The Tyrant Wants to Live Honesty is an acclaimed Korean manhwa written by Ramguel and illustrated by Kakon. It was first released for publication in 2022 and has received numerous positive reviews from fans due to its beautiful illustrations and captivating story.

The Tyrant Wants to Live Honesty blends humor, fantasy, and romance into an engaging tale. Available on Naver webtoons and Naver Series as a raw version for reading pleasure, The Tyrant Wants to Live Honesty should not be missed by fans of romantic comedy manga; its plot may prove difficult for some readers; fortunately, the author has also written several other titles with more accessible reading experiences in this genre.