Top Ecommerce Video Marketing Strategies


Video marketing is such an essential part of modern commerce that you might think this is another one of the new disciplines that the eCommerce revolution has ushered in. However, when you think about it for a moment, it’s easy to see that this isn’t really true.

For as long as there has been a motion picture medium, companies have used it for marketing. In this regard, the discipline of “video marketing” is quite old. But of course, just like every other aspect of business, the online revolution has turned it on its head.

One of the main ways this has happened is that the process has been made much easier to engage in. When you think about video marketing of the past, we’re normally talking about TV commercials, something which only the biggest companies could afford, and which requires serious investment. These days, video marketing can quite literally be a video shot on a smartphone. In fact, that particular form has even become the most common form.

Of course, though, there’s more to video marketing than that – and many other forms it can take too. The best place to begin, therefore, is to create an effective video marketing strategy for your e-commerce site.

What Makes for a Good Video Marketing Strategy?

A video marketing strategy needs to work with several different things related to how videos are spread about the web and what type of videos are most suitable in certain locations. For example, on Instagram and Facebook, short smartphone-style videos have massive shareability potential. On your actual website, on the other hand, you might look into more professionally shot and edited videos in landscape orientation.

Ecommerce marketing agency Azola Creative says that a good strategy is one that not only includes all these different forms of video marketing but also keeps brand consistency across all of them. There is a lot within this to account for, and it might even be something that a company outsources. There’s a lot to be said about hiring a professional.

Examples of Video Marketing Strategies

Perhaps the best way to get an idea of how online video marketing works is to look at some examples. There are a lot of commonalities between different video marketing strategies, and while you should take care to put your own stamp on it, there’s much to be learned from existing forms of video marketing. Here are a few:

Make Use of User-Generated Videos

Evidence strongly suggests that user-generated videos have much more sway over consumers than official promotional material. The reason is simple enough – these are videos from people who have used the product or service and they reflect customer satisfaction.

Leverage Social Media Videos

This strategy is all about the shareability of social media videos and the opportunity to reach many more consumers through this type of marketing. Generally, this type of video marketing is made of user-generated content and smartphone-orientation videos which are conducive to mass sharing. The goal is to ultimately direct traffic back to your eCommerce store.

Shoppable Videos

This strategy is all about achieving conversion on your eCommerce site itself. This means more professionally shot videos that appear on the homepage and which draw users towards a purchase by engaging them and providing the link to the purchase page. This strategy is all about turning visitors to your site into customers.

In the end, your video marketing strategy might feature elements of all these strategies, or it could be something else entirely. Only one thing is set – eCommerce companies would be foolish not to make use of the massive potential of video marketing.

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