Finding Nemo – Who is Crush and Squirt?


Crush and Squirt, two beloved turtles from Finding Nemo, provide Marlin and Dory with invaluable assistance during their quest to locate Nemo. But who are these beautiful reptiles, and what type of turtles do they belong to?

Crush and Squirt are green sea turtles that ride the East Australian Current (EAC). These herbivorous turtles have an estimated life expectancy of 150 years!


Crush, a sea turtle who appears in Finding Nemo, has become one of the most beloved characters. His laid-back surfer dude persona makes him a fan favorite and often leads people to ask about what kind of turtle or age Crush may be – with surprising answers available online that might surprise you!

What Is Crush’s Son Called? Crush’s son is named Squirt, and they often travel together along the East Australian Current (EAC), called by marine biologists “The Turtle Highway.” Both Crush and Squirt are green sea turtles found throughout the Atlantic Ocean.

Crush was inspired by a real sea turtle, Steve. Andrew Stanton voiced Crush in Finding Nemo as well as writing and directing it, with his casual surfer dude personality and catchphrases becoming fan favorites – making him well known among fans who also watch other animated movies such as Toy Story 3, WALL-E, and Lava, where he makes appearances.

Crush may appear laid back, but his knowledge of ocean life is immense. He offers Marlin and Dory valuable life lessons while sharing information on marine ecosystems. Crush always shares his wisdom freely – with humor.

Crush tells Marlin in the movie that he is “a good fish” with “a tingling feeling in his tail,” alluding to how overwhelmed and amazed Marlin feels upon first witnessing the ocean’s vastness.

What Is Crush’s Middle Name?


Pixar’s Finding Nemo features some of the most beloved characters, such as Marlin and Dory, but Squirt stands out as one of its stand-out stars. This adorable, wise sea turtle is one of the main protagonists’ guides on their adventure through life; his playful personality and insightful words of wisdom make him a fan favorite. Beyond just his entertaining presence onscreen, Squirt also serves as a fantastic representation of nature: based on a natural species called Green Sea Turtle, celebrated for its migration patterns and longevity in real life!

In Finding Nemo and its 2016 sequel, Finding Dory, Squirt can be found. He is Crush’s son and shares many traits with him regarding appearance and temperament. Like Crush, Squirt enjoys swimming freely through ocean currents. Despite his seemingly fearless personality, Squirt remains cautious and thoughtful, often warning his father and other turtles of predators while helping guide them safely back home.

Squirt can be seen playing hide-and-seek with Dory while performing amazing tricks in the East Australian Current. He listens as Marlin recounts their ordeal in finding Nemo, then provides instructions on how to exit it. Toward the movie’s end, he also attends school alongside Nemo and Mr. Ray.

Nicholas Bird is the son of Brad Bird, who directed both Finding Nemo and Ratatouille. Nicholas voiced Squirt, the adorable, wise turtle who adds fun and adventure to the storyline. With his charming personality and insightful comments, Squirt quickly became an international favorite for fans of all ages, symbolizing hope and perseverance to many people around the globe. Additionally, Squirt inspired abundant Finding Nemo merchandise, such as toys, clothing, and collectibles!

Mr. Turtle

Finding Nemo introduced audiences to various memorable human and aquatic characters, such as Crush, the sea turtle who helped Marlin and Dory search for Nemo. His wise yet positive demeanor won him great admiration from both children and adults, symbolizing perseverance, friendship, and even grumble-ness!

In this film, viewers were also introduced to an anthropomorphic animal group called Punk Frogs. These friendly yet hostile amphibians help the Ninja Turtles combat their enemies; Genghis Frog, Napoleon Bonafrog, and Slash are some of the Punk Frogs who at first join Superfly’s gang before switching sides and joining Shredder and Krang’s army against them.

Mr. Turtle is a bipedal man-sized turtle living in a studio apartment. Often looked down upon, Mr. Turtle continues his daily grind, believing he is making progress toward making himself known and endeavoring to be kind to all. His goal is to become famous one day and ensure everyone stays safe.

Though most people know the difference, many are unaware that tortoises are turtles. According to National Geographic, both species belong to the same order but generally fall under marine or terrestrial classification. This distinction is critical since different types of turtles need different environments.

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Finding Nemo was released in 2003 as a hit movie that followed Marlin, an overprotective clownfish father, on his journey to rescue his son Nemo from an abusive marine environment. Since then, many have been inspired to go out and find their own family through this story of two characters; audiences were introduced to an array of aquatic life, including turtles.

Crush, the green sea turtle, assists Marlin and Dory with navigating the East Australian Current. Crush also imparts lessons about staying strong while maintaining an open mindset.

Crush stands out in this film due to his unique character and interaction with its other characters. He speaks like a surfer and gives Marlin and Dory nicknames such as “Jellyman” and “Little Blue.” Furthermore, Crush proves very helpful when they get into a jellyfish swarm situation, offering to guide them through it himself!

Squirt, Crush’s young son, is also present. Like his father, Squirt is friendly and optimistic; unlike him, he is fearless, swimming freely into a fishnet or EAC without hesitation.

This relationship between these two turtles is fascinating because it shows us an idealized version of an overprotective parent – Marlin is a caring father. Still, he also allows his son to make mistakes and learn from them, something many would wish for when choosing the kind of father they want for themselves. We all aspire to be such a father!

Andrew Stanton stars Crush, a green sea turtle; Elizabeth Perkins portrays Coral, Marlin’s wife and Dory’s mother; Nick Bird stars Squirt, Crush’s son. Additionally, Bob Peterson voices Mr. Ray a spotted eagle ray; Barry Humphries voices Bruce (a great white shark who refuses to eat fish); Eric Bana voices Anchor (hammerhead shark); while Norm MacDonald voices Neil Patrick Harris’ Nemo character; finally Norm MacDonald lends voice talent for Neil Patrick Harris as Nemo as Neil Patrick Harris speaks Nemo and Eric Bana provides his voice role as Neil Patrick Harris himself!). Additionally, its end has become synonymous with many parents adopting similar parenting techniques used by Marlin and Nemo from this movie – something many other parents do from Marlin and Nemo from their movie counterparts from their story!