Almont’s New Family Farm and Home


Dennis Malaret relies on Family Farm and Home whenever he needs tools, hardware, or anything relating to pets, lawn and garden, or agriculture. A regular customer, store employees become concerned if he doesn’t visit often enough.

Family Farm and Home has quietly grown into an almost 20-outlet retail chain since opening their first location in Muskegon nearly four decades ago, including opening this one in Greenville last Friday.

About Us

Family Farm & Home is an independent ECHO Sales Only dealer, selling ECHO products and accessories but typically without providing on-site product support or warranty services. Established in Michigan in 2002, they offer products in several departments such as tools, hardware, automotive parts, pet supplies, work casual clothing, footwear, lawn & garden, and alternative heating.

Al Fansler, the founder of Family Farm & Home, began his retail career at Quality Stores for 20 years before purchasing Family Farm & Home in 2020 and expanding it with over 30 stores throughout Michigan.

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Home & Garden

Family Farm and Home will open their storefront at Cedar Village Plaza next month, filling an area that had been vacant for some time. Their broad product selection will include tools, hardware, automotive supplies, pet supplies, work casual clothing and footwear, lawn and garden lawn supplies, alternative energy solutions, and poultry.

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Farm & Ranch

Henry Bristol and his family left Connecticut in 1827 in a covered wagon to Detroit, Michigan Territory, ten years before Michigan became an official state. From there, they traveled for two weeks across blazing trails towards their final destination near present-day Almont, where today stands the Bristol Family Tree Farm and Historic Site.

This farm features an 18th-century farmhouse, outbuildings from the Bristol family’s original homestead, and barn, pond, and apple orchards – making this property one of Michigan’s Historical Sites and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Seeded Faith Farm Rescue on the property provides shelter to elderly, disabled, or abandoned farm animals like horses, sheep, goats, and pigs. Established by Melissa Nunn as a nonprofit in 2020 and entirely run on volunteer labor alone, over 30 animals have found homes since opening. Nunn hopes the upcoming gala event can introduce even more people to its sanctuary.

According to company officials, family Farm and Home has quietly grown into a regional chain that can compete with big box stores such as Walmart or Home Depot. Following the bankruptcy of Quality Stores Inc. of Muskegon (founded in 1996) in 2002, Family Farm now has a wide array of products under one roof run by former Quality employees such as President Al Fansler, who was also previously with Quality.

Dr. William B. Hamilton wrote and read this historical account of Almont Township on July 4th, 1877, at a gathering of township and village residents, then published it in The Almont Herald village paper. This account provides us with an invaluable record of its early settlement.