5 Social Media Ideas to Get Your Brand Noticed


Displaying behind-the-scenes looks at your business can be a powerful social media idea to demonstrate authenticity. From company mascots to office antics, these posts can create engagement among your audience. Guide on how get instagram followers.

Share content from similar brands to reach new people. Sprout has demonstrated this strategy by posting customer case studies that showcase its software’s benefits to marketers.

1. Posts about your product or service

No matter the release or sale of your products and services, posting about them can attract potential customers and reinforce the message that your brand is authentic and reliable.

Posts that offer followers an intimate look at your company can be highly captivating for followers. This post gives your followers an inside view into daily operations and shows that you’re more than just another corporate drone.

Sharing engaging memes and GIFs on your social media posts can add more fun and engagement for readers and sharers. Infographics are another effective way of conveying a lot of data in an easily consumable format, often outperforming text-only posts in terms of performance. Engaging in challenges on your social channels – from photo to product demonstration challenges – is also a fantastic way to increase interaction between followers.

2. Posts about your company

Unwrapping the story of your company and its goals helps strengthen brand loyalty. This includes sharing details about its founding, current status, and plans for its growth.

Posts that illustrate how products are created or offer helpful hints and tips can effectively educate your target audience while promoting your business. Many such posts feature visuals to make them even more captivating.

Contests or giveaways can be an excellent way to engage your target audience and draw new ones. Engaging an influencer as part of your social media takeover strategy can also boost engagement and reach, creating educational and entertaining content for all involved – the ideal combination!

3. Posts about your employees

Companies Social media accounts can often become stagnant spaces with stock images and corporate news articles that lack any sense of personality or meaning. By activating employees as storytellers on your account, you can breathe new life into it while drawing new audiences to your brand.

Sprout’s Employee Advocacy Data Report found that social media users perceive brands as more authentic and approachable when they share employee content on social media. By posting funny or heartwarming employee moments, such as winning work competitions or celebrating an anniversary, businesses can add personality and build rapport with their audience while strengthening employee loyalty.

Infographics are an effective way of showcasing your team’s knowledge and expertise. They can be used to present step-by-step guidelines, statistics, or reports in an attractive format – especially on Pinterest!

4. Posts about your community

Attracting and engaging your target audience’s emotions through posts that appeal to GIFs, memes, or quotes can be fun and engaging – not to mention more likely to make your brand likable!

Sharing community content and engaging with followers by tagging them in posts can be especially effective if it becomes part of your routine – this way, they’ll know to expect it and look forward to it.

Demonstrate how much your customers and community appreciate you with customer testimonials, product reviews, and case studies – an effective way to build trust and credibility as an industry expert.

5. Posts about your events

Marketers face the difficulty of keeping their social media posts from becoming repetitive. Therefore, having multiple creative post ideas available is crucial.

Educational posts are an effective way of building trust with your target audience, such as infographics, how-to videos, and “did you know” posts.

Regularly update your event schedule to help your followers remain in the know, and including countdown posts can create FOMO among potential attendees who don’t register in time to join your event before it sells out – using Instagram or TikTok can make these types of posts effectively and authentically. Sharing success milestones, such as being featured in major publications or surpassing sales goals, may also serve as practical and authentic post ideas.

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