Video Editing Software Used by YouTubers


YouTubers utilize various video editing software. Some have steep learning curves and expensive price tags; others are user-friendly, with free trials available. The best guide to finding youtube thumbnail downloader.

PowerDirector provides beginner videographers with all the tools needed to produce viral videos, from pre-made templates and AI tools to 360-degree editing capabilities and support.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most sought-after video editing programs among YouTubers. As part of Adobe Creative Cloud, this user-friendly video editor boasts an easy timeline interface, 8K editing capability, seamless integration with After Effects, and graphics tools such as Adobe Sensei integration – making it suitable even for novice users.

Adobe Premiere Pro, unlike iMovie, which can be found across Apple devices, requires a Windows computer and costs $100. It features drag-and-drop editing capability, rulers, and guides for aligning text or other elements on the screen.

DaVinci Resolve is another highly regarded video editing software widely utilized by filmmakers and YouTubers for color grading. With its user-friendly interface, DaVinci Resolve provides users with various effects and tools for creating eye-catching videos – as well as its built-in media browser enables accessing files stored locally on their computers or external hard drives.

Apple iMovie

YouTubers depend on video editing software to craft captivating stories for their audiences. Utilizing various tools available in video editing software, they can trim, cut, merge, rotate, mix, accelerate, or slow down video clips for their videos and add text and music as needed.

Adobe Premiere Pro is widely considered one of the best video editing programs for YouTubers, making videos like Pewdiepie, Peter McKinnon, Casey Neistat, and Marques Brownlee videos. It is used by professional filmmakers and Hollywood blockbuster producers – plus Pewdiepie! It is also preferred among amateur filmmakers, such as those working on documentaries.

Apple iMovie is another well-recognized video editing program. iMovie’s user-friendly interface comes pre-loaded on Apple devices like Macs, iPads, and iPhones, making it ideal for new YouTubers who don’t wish to invest in more expensive solutions like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Da Vinci Resolve is an advanced video editing software many Hollywood filmmakers chose due to its excellent color-grading capabilities. YouTubers who need an even more advanced video editing program should look no further.

Final Cut Pro

Many YouTubers rely on various video editing software to craft their videos, depending on their skill level and desired edit complexity. YouTube offers tutorials for different editing software from beginner to advanced levels; these lessons can help YouTubers learn new techniques while editing confidently.

Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry-standard video editing software used by professional filmmakers and Hollywood moviemakers alike. Highly customizable with a vast array of features available, Adobe Premiere Pro serves as an essential tool for producing complex videos with high production values – and YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Markiplier, and Linus Tech Tips use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit their videos!

iMovie is another widely used video editing software among beginners. Pre-loaded onto Apple devices and easy to use, iMovie provides features including photo and video editing, audio editing, and built-in green screen capabilities – it even boasts an easy drag-and-drop interface for quick video editing! Ideal for amateur filmmakers wanting to edit their videos without paying professional editors directly, iMovie provides everything needed for amateur video editors without breaking the bank!

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is an invaluable program that enables YouTubers to add various visual effects and animations to their videos. Part of Adobe Creative Cloud and used by professional video editors and motion graphic artists alike, Adobe After Effects can help add these special touches. YouTubers who wish to create animated title graphics or animated sequences will find Adobe After Effects beneficial.

Most YouTubers utilize various editing software programs to edit their videos; however, some opt to hire professional video editors if time or budget constraints restrict their options. This may be beneficial in these situations.

iMovie is one of YouTube’s most acclaimed video editing tools, pre-installed on Apple devices and user-friendly. Offering text tools, image overlays, multiple video and audio tracks, and its Magnetic Timeline feature to glue together different clips in just a click – its latest version even boasts enhanced functionality that lets it generate an SRT subtitle file for your YouTube video!


Canva is an easy and user-friendly video editing platform designed to assist YouTubers in creating stunning graphics, overlays, and animated videos. Offering plenty of great options and templates to start quickly – Canva simplifies creating great graphics!

Many YouTubers turn to Canva to add subscribe calls-to-action in their videos, a surefire way of increasing subscriber counts and keeping viewers engaged with your channel. Canva makes this simple with many subscription-themed overlays available in the Elements tab – search “subscribe” and find plenty of designs!

Enhancing a video by including an end screen has become an increasingly popular feature. Canva offers many video ad templates to help you make stunning end screens for any video.

Each YouTuber chooses their software based on their level of skill and desired edit complexity. Adobe Premiere Pro is often popular amongst many YouTubers due to its user-friendly timeline and 8K editing capabilities; additionally, it integrates well with Adobe Sensei, Premiere Rush mobile app, and After Effects graphics program for seamless use.

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