Wearable Phone Concept From Yanko Design


Nokia phones were once ubiquitous on the mobile phone market. Today, HMD Global uses Nokia’s name to market sturdy yet cost-effective Android devices under their umbrella brand.

Nokia XR21 stands out as such a device, boasting a large screen and 48MP triple camera for seamless photography with extended battery life. Furthermore, this clean version of Android eliminates any risk from unnecessary apps or bloatware.

What is it?

Yanko Design has designed an innovative wearable device concept called Nokia Fit that stands out from traditional smartwatch or glasses designs. Snapping around your index finger like a ring-like device allows direct calls to people. Made from soft silicone and flexible rubber materials for durability and waterproof features like talking functions as well as vibration alerts when there are new phone calls or messages, such as notifications of unread text messages from unknown callers or when new emails arrive – it may become your go-to gadget for making calls directly!

The Nokia FIT hands-free cell phone concept features an ultra-slim form factor with only two small buttons for accepting and ending calls. Designed to accommodate all kinds of fingers, its silicon and rubber construction will even allow it to be used while swimming poolside. It’s an effective way to shield ears from Bluetooth radiation while moving us closer to our sci-fi future, where phones will be small and sleek. Furthermore, it could integrate augmented reality for immersive digital experiences. At present, Nokia FIT remains only a concept design but remains an intriguing consideration when considering future smartphones – more information is available at Thoughtsoncloud, or watch this video below for an up-close view of its ring design.

How does it work?

Wearable devices that track our activities and make calls have become common, but a device designed to fit on an index finger as a ring phone is genuinely groundbreaking. Perfect for secret agents or anyone needing their phone on hand at all times. Also potentially beneficial for people having difficulty holding up phones to their ears who might find this ring phone valid as an aid for holding phones up against ears.

Issam Trabelsi created the Nokia Fit as a hands-free cell phone that sits directly on your index finger. Connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone, this wearable allows for convenient phone conversations without holding it up to your ear. Notifications such as text messages or calls via vibration can be received while talking on the phone, and they can be achieved by holding up one finger against one’s ear. Made out of silicone and rubber material for optimal flexibility and lightweight usage in water environments as well.

This ring phone works seamlessly with various apps, including Google Fit for data tracking and MyFitnessPal for calorie counting; RunKeeper/Nike+ is a great running tracking application; it pairs nicely with headphones so you can listen to music/podcasts/audiobooks when speaking on the phone; plus there’s even an inbuilt speaker so callers can hear you!

Nokia has unveiled their first ring-based phone, but this model stands out. Not only does it look good and provide basic fitness tracking features compared to similar products, but its battery only lasts eight months! While not for everyone, it offers the ideal way of viewing time without needing to charge batteries or fiddle with apps – you can get one starting today in the US for residents aged 18 and above!

What is the design like?

The Nokia Fit is an ergonomic wearable device created by Issam Trabelsi that fits snuggly on your finger. Intended to act as an extension of your smartphone, it features soft silicone and flexible rubber material and offers essential functions such as calling; notifications are relayed through vibrations, while its ergonomic design makes sure that all function buttons can easily be reached.

Before, similar concepts resembled rings rather than actual mobile devices; this particular design, however, goes one step further by looking usable and accessible to hold onto.

The designer doesn’t know exactly how the phone will function for texting or calling, as his renderings don’t show an interface at all. However, he stated that it should be capable of handling these activities: voice recognition for phone calls as they come in and receiving and making outgoing phone calls as you use it, with its ring-like design making placing calls much more straightforward by just holding up the index finger near one’s ear.

The Nokia FIT is an ingenious design that brings the cell phone closer to a sci-fi future, where phones become wearable or implantable devices. Additionally, its simple form saves your ears from constant Bluetooth radiation exposure, and it’s waterproof enough for use even in pools!

What is the price?

The Nokia Fit is a smartphone-sized gadget designed to snap around your index finger, enabling you to make calls and texts without ever picking up or taking off your phone. Created by designer Issam Trabelsi, its soft silicone and flexible rubber construction make it waterproof, making it comfortable to wear; its small projector displays notifications of missed call alerts or unread messages on your hand quickly; plus, its flexible rubber material allows it to control touchscreen functions of smartphones like pinch-to-zoom gesture controls as well as double tap camera launches!

Starting today and expected to ship out next month, pre-orders can be placed for the Nokia Fit smartwatch ring. Pricing details have yet to be made public but are anticipated to fall in line with similar smartwatch offerings from competing vendors. It remains unknown if Nokia Fit will work with existing smartphones running Android 6 and higher or only with devices with 5G capabilities – though major carriers including 5G connectivity support is expected.

One of the most striking features of this ring is its ability to track sleep, exercise, and other health metrics. At the same time, this would be great in more wearables, as it could help users get better restful sleep and increase fitness performance. However, similar tracking options already exist with devices like Fitbit and Samsung Gear.

Nokia Steel stands out from its competition due to its durability. Constructed of durable stainless steel material that can be customized in different colors for personalization purposes and designed with hypoallergenic qualities for sensitive skin types in mind.

The Nokia Steel is an attractive smartwatch with some great features at an attractive price point. Ideal for tracking activity and fitness levels, its simplicity may appeal to some consumers, while those seeking more advanced tracking solutions should search elsewhere.