Fix Your Smile at Home in Minutes


Instant Smile Comfort Fit Flex is a fast and cost-effective solution to improving your smile at home. These upper teeth veneers cover missing ones quickly, making you appear younger without expensive trips to the dentist. Place the flexible veneers in hot water before following their included instructions for custom-fitting a perfect smile every time! Plus, you get both sets in a transparent storage case!

Natural Appearance

Home in Minutes

Instant Smile Comfort Fit Flex is the ideal temporary solution to missing or stained teeth, providing comfort, flexibility, and an almost press-on veneer-like fit over your teeth similar to press-on veneers. Drop them carefully into hot water while following the step-by-step instructions provided on the package’s backside – great for everyday use, work, college reunions, weddings, or family celebrations! It makes an instant, impactful statement.

Bright White and Natural White teeth are two shades available for purchase, each featuring the coloring associated with bleached white teeth, while Natural White provides the appearance of healthy naturally white ones.

The Upper Veneer is designed to cover missing teeth or discoloration on existing teeth and make them appear whiter without disrupting speech. These removable veneers offer a natural look with minimal speech disruption and come complete with a clear storage case and step-by-step fitting instructions for quick & easy fitting instructions. One size fits all. Some existing tooth structures must exist for the product to sit securely within your mouth for best results – do not wear it while sleeping or eating, as this product is not a dental device! One upper temporary veneer and vented case are included. Made in USA

Easy to Apply

As opposed to dentures, this upper dental veneer can be easily applied at home within minutes and reach. The flexible teeth cover your existing ones for a better appearance that helps make them whiter and better-looking; they are great for hiding missing teeth or brightening crooked or stained ones for special events! Natural in appearance yet comfortable wearability with no speech disruption due to minimal speech disruption – also includes step-by-step fitting instructions and storage case!

Temporary cosmetic teeth are designed to give you something extra while waiting for permanent dental work or enhance your look for special events like weddings, reunions, and parties. Crafted of soft yet flexible material for ultimate comfort all day long. Their ultra-thin construction minimizes speech disruption. Although you can wear these temporary cosmetic teeth while eating and drinking, you should not wear them while sleeping or wearing braces.

Instant Smile Flex Teeth for both upper and lower jaws are available in either natural shades or bright white colors, and both options can easily be applied quickly for quick cosmetic fixes. Not only that, they’re affordable yet straightforward to use – perfect for quick cosmetic fixes with zero commitment required! Plus, they’re easy to clean and mold to your desired specifications for a tailored smile makeover experience.

To apply, place the teeth into hot water for 30 seconds until they become flexible and soft before positioning over existing teeth and patting impression material with thumbs behind real ones to create a desired fit. Our set of upper and lower instant smile flex teeth comes complete with two packs of fitting material and an airtight vented case for storage ease.


Instant Smile Flex is an affordable, fast way to improve your smile at home – add hot water and follow the step-by-step instructions! Its thin construction ensures comfort and natural appearance with minimal speech disruption; flexible teeth made of non-staining material come complete with a transparent storage case for convenient organization. Each kit contains one upper Instant Smile Flex veneer and one professional Cosmetic lower veneer; fitting beads; step-by-step instructions, one upper Instant Smile Flex veneer (upper), as well as fitting beads (lower). Keep this temporary dental product only during daily activities such as sleeping or eating while keeping it in place; some existing tooth structures may be required to maintain firmness – one size fits all with Natural shade teeth.

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