What is R3 on PS4 controller and best know its other details?


What is R3 on PS4 controller? PlayStation 4 is one of the most renowned gaming ventures which people have heard about till now. It’s started gaining more popularity every day as more features are getting associated with the PlayStation. Though, you might need to learn a bit about its controller before starting the same. But, nothing to worry as you will require only a few days to grasp about it.

What is R3 on PS4 controller?

If you want to know What is R3 on PS4 controller and where it is situated? To be specific the PS4 controller has a unique name which is also called as DualShock 4. You need to understand this. There are basically two analogue buttons in right and left. In the PS4 button, you will see R3 and L3 buttons. All these buttons are located inside the analogue sticks of the PS4 controller.


Layout and design of DualShock 4 and What is R3 on PS4 controller?


Before to write on What is R3 on PS4 controller, it is important to understand entirely about the layout and design of the entire controller. The touchpad is situated in the right and all the sticks in the centre keeping trigger in the same old place. You might not see any massive changes in its new design as the touchpad, share button, awesome LED light are all in the same place. The convex thumbsticks, angle on the edges of the analogue pads and slight dent towards D-pad has made the texture slightly fatter and made a perfect looking kit.

Know more about the analogue sticks

As you would like to know What is R3 on PS4 controller? In the case of Analog sticks, the most pivotal subject because your hand will be glued on these controllers. Gamers where a bit uncomfortable in using the previous version and people are getting de-motivated. But in the new one, the analogue sticks are much friendlier in use or less concave with a slight dent in the centre. In the new DualShock4, the gamers can put their thumbs in the middle of the pad and also enable the gamers to push the sticks from the sides and allows the gamers to rest their thumb on the flatter surface with feeling the sharp edges.

Height of the controller

To know about What is R3 on PS4 controller, you need to be assured regarding the height of the analogue sticks which is reduced in the new format. The stiffness and the height are lowered in the new version. The trimming down in the DualShock4 has become much more sensitive. Both the sticks are very much easier to click in DualShock4.

Know about the D-Pad

Once you know What is R3 on PS4 controller, the next thing comes to your mind is about the D-PAD but it generally does not come much about use apart from menu navigation or through some short cuts unless you into any specific game. But in some genre, these game-specific sticks do not require any movement or can’t be done effectively.


What are the buttons on a ps4 controller?

The DualShock4 has the following features: PS button, SHARE button, OPTIONS button, directional buttons, action buttons, analog stick click buttons as well as a touch pad button.

Can ps4 be played with all 3 controllers?

The PS4 officially supports till 4 controllers that too without wire at a single point of time, for any kind of split screen or real-time play.

What is the life span of ps4 controller?

The average number of years it can stay is about 3-4 years and provided you are taking proper care of the controller.