What’s on the Buffet Town Menu?


If you want to know what the Buffet Town menu is, all you have to do is fill out the form below. In a matter of minutes, you will receive the information you need. Buffet Town’s menu consists of several dishes that satisfy the most discerning palates. From Sushi Rolls to Mussels to Assorted Prawns to Crab, the menu at this restaurant is diverse and extensive.

Sushi Rolls

There are many sushi rolls on the buffet town menu, from the my goodness roll to the spicy crab eel roll. The variety at the sushi buffet town menu is wide, and you can order them quickly. The sushi rolls are typically wrapped in soy paper and served on fire, and you can enjoy them with various sauces.

There are many different sushi rolls, including tempura shrimp, avocado, spicy crab, and eel. You can also get a roll with spicy mayo and sriracha sauce. Some sushi rolls also have a variety of toppings, including a salad and a dipping sauce.

A popular type of sushi roll is called the California roll. It’s made with a blend of mayonnaise, lime juice, and sriracha. This sauce has a citrus kick and goes well with simple rolls. Another famous sauce is the eel sauce, which combines soy sauce, sugar, and mirin, a sweet Japanese rice wine. Some rolls even feature avocado sauce, simply avocado with garlic and sugar.


Mussels are a popular food item on the Buffet Town menu. They are briny, have a good texture, and are great with condiments and french fries. The crayfish, however, was bland and tasted pungent. The poaching process also made the crayfish watery and bland.

Assorted Prawns

One of the best places in Singapore to have a seafood feast is at Buffet Town, which opened recently in Raffles City. This restaurant aims to be the ultimate international buffet spot and features over 300 items on its menu. In addition to seafood, Buffet Town serves Chinese, Western and Asian dishes, desserts, and a la carte dishes.

Buffet Town’s Friday to Sunday dinner buffet is priced at $50, which is quite affordable compared to most hotel buffets. While it’s a good deal for those on a tight budget, the rest of the food selection is sub-par. The only highlight of this buffet is the oysters and sashimi, which are worth the price.

Assorted Crabs

If you want to taste the best crabs in town, look no further than the restaurants that offer this delicacy. Charleston has a thriving seafood industry in a seaside town with easy access to waterways. As such, restaurants throughout the city feature a wide variety of crab, though they may not strictly stick to local varieties. For example, you can enjoy crab in all stages of development at Simon and Seafort’s Saloon and Grill, known to locals as “Simon’s.” If you want a view of Mount Susitna and Cook Inlet, you’ll find this place a wonderful choice.