Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – Where to Find Fairies


Fairies in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom can help restore and recover health quickly, making them an excellent tool for revitalizing and healing health quickly. While they can be found anywhere across Hyrule, water pools and Sky Islands tend to provide more accessible farming opportunities.

Players can use them to upgrade armor once unlocked. Flute players should visit Outskirt Stable, while those seeking drums should see Dueling Peaks.

Stable Wells

Great Fairy Fountains make a welcome return in Tears of the Kingdom, offering armor upgrades up to certain levels. Unfortunately, however, they are situated away from main paths, and with such a sprawling map as Tears of the Kingdom, it can be hard to run into them organically.

Tears of the Kingdom offers four Great Fairy Fountains; to access one, head to Dueling Peaks Stable in Necluda Region and talk with the Traveling Stable Trotters Musicians about reaching Cotera across a river. To do this, assemble a raft from nearby materials and transport this band across it using it.

Once completed, Snowfield Stable in Hebra will host one of four Great Fairy Fountains; here, the band of musicians is still missing their horn player. To find him, head to Highland Stable in Faron Grassland and speak with their piper – they will inform you that their drummer may be nearby looking for courser honey in East Hill trees.

Once this has been accomplished, head back to Snowfield Stable and meet up with the band of musicians there. They’ll give you a quest marker detailing where their horn player went missing and ask if you could help find him. Again, assemble a raft from nearby materials before transporting all members to Cotera.

At this point, Tears will have two of its four Great Fairy Fountains available, enabling you to upgrade your armor to level three. To access the final one, head back out into Hyrule Castle in the northeast part of the map, talk with the bandmaster, who’ll tell you they need help finding their horn player; speak to Highland Stable’s piper, who’ll let you know where he may be located – possibly Highland or Snowfield Stable near Hebra will both provide needed instruments needed by these players!

Water Pools

Like Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom gives players plenty of freedom to explore and discover, which can be rewarding and challenging. Unknown threats may pop up quickly without warning if players don’t know where they should look; therefore, players must learn where Fairies can be found so that once Link has died, they can help revive him using Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s restore system.

Fairies can be found throughout Hyrule, but certain places are especially likely for them to appear. One such location is down wells behind Stables scattered around the land; occasionally, players may spot one at Great Fairy Fountains once it bloomed.

To unlock a Great Fairy Fountain and upgrade your armor in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom, it’s necessary to locate and assist all four regular Fairies. To find your first fairy, head over to Orni Village Woodland Stable, where Paen will have some musicians waiting with him that wish to lure out Great Fairy Tera; hop into their carriage and drive them up to the Great Fairy Fountain.

Once a Great Fairy is unlocked, it will mark its location on your map and help you upgrade any eligible armor pieces. Great Fairy Fountains can easily be identified – their flower bud icon denotes them clearly – usually near stables or wells.

However, finding Faeries may prove challenging; they’re skittish creatures who won’t notice you even if you walk directly up to them! That makes sneaking up on them and grabbing them while they glide much simpler than trying to catch them as they walk by; just be sure to wear either the Stealth Set or Yiga Armor for optimal success!

Sky Islands

Great Fairies introduced in Breath of the Wild have found new lives in Tears of the Kingdom, still serving an essential purpose: Great Fairies can upgrade armor, making having some on hand during dangerous areas potentially lifesaving.

Great Fairies offer more than armor upgrades; they also grant various other boons to make your journey more straightforward and enjoyable. As such, Great Fairies should be seen as essential companions when starting in TotK, especially if they struggle against enemies that pose immediate death threats.

Locating these fairies may not be simple, but it is very possible. A great place to begin searching is the Ukouh Shrine – easily reached from the Temple of Time by heading west – situated by a river and stairs leading up to it. Once at this location, players will unlock an ability called Ultrahand to grab multiple objects simultaneously.

Utilizing this ability, players should be able to locate and grab a Small Fairy nearby quickly. Since Fairies in this game are highly skittish creatures, players must use stealth when approaching them; once close enough, they can be grabbed for inventory. These tiny creatures play an essential part in starting the game; they revive Link when he has been knocked unconscious and provide many hearts to him.

Tiny Fairies can also be found elsewhere, such as the Sky Archipelagoes Ponds, which constantly produce them and can be easily seen using the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower. Unfortunately, these fairies are more difficult to catch; they tend to move away before being grabbed, so players must sneak up closely and quickly to capture them before it’s too late!

At their core, these little fairies upgrade armor and be useful health restorers. When found, these fairies will add five hearts back into a player’s inventory when collected; activated when near death occurs, they also have additional health-recovering benefits through cooking food in the kitchen that increases its healing effects.

Laurel Village

When in a tight spot, Fairies can come to the rescue. While not essential to finishing the game, these key items help revive Link when he or she dies and is limited in number; finding them quickly is critical – with Sky Islands and water pools offering some of the highest odds for encountering them in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as possible places where Fairy can spawn frequently.

Lurelin Villagers are grateful to Link for his heroic deed in liberating their village from monsters, yet still want his assistance to rebuild their establishments. When completing Ruffin’ Infestation Side Adventure, talk with Bolson for more information and begin the Lurelin Village Restoration Project; when done, the villagers will welcome you into their village with open arms!

Lurelin Village is an idyllic village filled with lush greens, multiple houses, and friendly residents. Here, you can take advantage of their inn for free; speak to Kiana to obtain food without cost; trade five-rock salt for the Salt Spa, which boasts three yellow hearts and one yellow stamina wheel; or visit Lucky Treasure Shop, which sells low-level weapons!

Once you have unlocked all four Great Fairy Fountains, you can upgrade your armor at the inn in Lurelin Village. Each piece requires an unspecified number of Great Fairies for opening, with upgrades becoming increasingly costly with each promotion. Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom provides the ideal environment to help locate and assist these Great Fairies at these Fountains.

Finding Great Fairies in Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom can be challenging yet rewarding. Your best chance is to visit Stable Wells, Water Pools, and Sky Islands. Sky Islands tend to spawn Fairies quickly and are easy to locate; otherwise, stable wells offer convenient proximity to stables while being easier during daylight hours.