Ciavarelli Family Funeral Home and Crematory Obituaries


Ciavarelli family funeral home and crematory obituaries are an essential way to remember those you’ve lost and facilitate memorialization, providing information regarding service times and any pertinent details to those who require assistance in memorializing a life that was lived fully.

Emil J Ciavarelli Family Homes And Crematory Inc, located at 951 East Butler Pike in Ambler, offers funeral, memorial, personalization, and pre-planning services. To learn more, visit their online site or give them a call.


Obituaries can provide an essential way of connecting and communicating with family and friends during grief. An obituary offers the chance to highlight all that was special about their life while sharing service times, visitation information, or any other pertinent details with those wishing to pay their respects.

Ciavarelli Family Funeral Home specializes in creating highly tailored services for each of their loved ones. It, therefore, complies with the “Funeral Rule” by offering consumers a General Price List upon request – protecting them from being exploited during times of vulnerability and uncertainty. You can access this document at our lobby, by mail, or by phone; alternatively, you can download one here.

Funeral Services

The funeral home provides comprehensive services to families of all faiths. Their experienced staff is equipped to manage every aspect of funeral arrangements, from filing death certificates and organizing funeral services for family and friends, drafting obituaries and transportation arrangements, and offering private cremation services.

This location has served the area for years and is highly knowledgeable about memorials. Their team of professionals can guide people through memorial etiquette, customizing tributes, funeral costs, directions to cemeteries, guestbook creation, online obituaries, and telling a loved one’s story. A family-owned business with 50+ years of experience has rated this as the top funeral home in its area.

Emil J Ciavarelli Family Funeral Homes of Ambler, PA, provides professional funeral and cremation services to offer meaningful ceremonies that honor the lives of their clients. Their wide range of funeral services includes traditional burial and direct cremation in addition to grieving support services and assistance with choosing an urn.

Funeral services provide an essential point of closure after experiencing loss. Mourners come together to share memories, express condolences and say their last goodbyes in one previous ceremony organized by the funeral director – offering mourners an opportunity to begin grieving together as one group.

Planning a funeral or cremation involves exploring all available options. While each method offers advantages, Ciavarelli Family Funeral Homes’ cremation experts can guide you toward choosing one suitable for your family.

After experiencing tragedy, locating the appropriate casket or urn for your loved one can be challenging. Fortunately, online resources can simplify this task; such websites allow users to browse a selection of caskets and urns from independent sellers at affordable prices; furthermore, they provide accessories like casket covers and pillow urns.

Memorial Services

Funerals provide families with a way to cope with a recent loss by providing mourners a place where memories can be shared, condolences offered, and final goodbyes said. Services may take place at funeral homes, churches, or even family homes and can often include personalized touches like music, photos, or items meaningful in the life of someone they lost.

No matter which funeral or memorial service option is chosen, Ciavarelli Family Funeral Home and Crematory can assist with all available choices and advise you. Their experienced staff specializes in planning an enduring Remembrance Gathering that captures the essence and personality of your loved one as well as cemetery services, cremation options, and urn selection.

Emil J Ciavarelli Funeral Home provides tailored funeral and cremation services that meet the individual needs of every family. Their experienced team is committed to providing only top-quality service, thus ensuring that your loved ones will always be remembered in a manner unique to them.

Visit their website to learn about funeral home etiquette, customize a memorial and find directions to local cemeteries. Sign up for their email newsletter to stay informed on new memorialization options, discounts, and important news updates; additionally, there’s even a blog with tips and advice to help grieving families cope.

Ciavarelli Family Funeral Home and Crematory of Ambler, PA provides economical cremation services. As a licensed funeral home and exclusive Cremation-With-Care provider, they have trained staff who can meet all of your needs before, during, and after the death of a loved one. Your funeral director can also provide a comprehensive list of interment possibilities for your loved one, including a family plot, memorial site, urn garden, or niche in Columbaria burials. They will inform you of all costs and benefits of each option so you can make an informed decision for your family. They are committed to pricing transparency; no overcharges will occur for services provided; they also abide by the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule by providing copies of their General Price List upon request.


The Ciavarelli family funeral home and crematory offer a comprehensive range of services designed to help families remember and commemorate loved ones, including funeral services, casket burials, cremation services and memorial services, and offering urns and jewelry for sale. With over three decades in business, they pride themselves on providing only top-quality service, online obituaries, and funeral planning tools.

Funeral homes also provide various cremation options that can occur before or after traditional funeral services. Funeral directors will explain all available choices, assisting families to make the right choice for themselves – such as conventional casket burial, direct cremation, or complete funeral services with cremation afterward. Costs will differ between options; all will include visitations with the deceased before cremation, memorial services, and an urn to store cremated remains after cremation.

Funeral services at funeral homes typically occur in their chapel and can be tailored to meet each person’s unique needs. The staff works closely with families to create meaningful memorial services that reflect a person’s life; this may involve helping arrange mementos and photos into beautiful displays at memorial services, taking care of legal documents and permits as necessary, etc. Ultimately, services provided vary based on selected options but are always professional and compassionate.

After concluding funeral services, the home will return the cremated remains to the family for final disposition. These remains may be interred at a cemetery lot or a cremation garden, kept at home in an urn, placed in a columbarium, or scattered privately. The funeral home can help identify a spot to store or keep these mementos.

Funeral homes typically stock an assortment of caskets and urns for funeral services and cremation processes, priced according to style, size, and material composition. Anyone seeking a quote may reach out via phone call or website request for information or proposal.