Prayer For Protection of Home and Family


Family is one of the cornerstones of society and must remain secure from external threats like the devil’s destructive attacks. He must be stopped immediately.

Lord, bless our homes and families. Protect them from all that would harm them; provide strong faith and restful minds; show them that nothing in this life or the next will separate them from Your love.


Peace is an ideal in life and should be pursued whenever possible. Prayer for world peace should also be undertaken on our journeys toward inner and spiritual peace.

Peace can often have positive connotations; it implies goodness, desire, or what should be. Yet peace can also be used as a weapon of destruction and oppression – as evidenced by recent conflicts like Syria.

Prayers for peace can transform hearts and minds, not just bring comfort during difficult times. Devotions can encourage forgiveness, reconciliation, and love for one another and prevent anger or hate from becoming entrenched within communities; while simultaneously uniting family members so that everyone can see beyond differences to choose peace over war.

An active faith and spiritual relationship is necessary for cultivating peace, as is an attitude of trust and confidence. We entrust our loved ones to God and ask him to protect them at all times – not necessarily from every unexpected danger or disease, but by comforting and leading them through difficult circumstances.

One way of praying for peace would be to use 2 Thessalonians 3:16 as a benediction in your prayers. You can repeat it repeatedly, asking for peace within their families and communities.


Safety is a spiritual issue that many pray about, from keeping loved ones free from unexpected dangers or diseases to seeking divine protection against trauma that has affected their life; many turned to prayer or religion after 9/11 to cope with the aftermath of seeing planes crash into Manhattan’s Twin Towers.

Prayer for safety doesn’t guarantee people won’t experience hardship in their lives; rather, it simply symbolizes trusting that the Lord will protect their family from any potential danger and that He is there when needed.


Studies have demonstrated that individuals who regularly pray for their doctors experience less illness and injury, with shorter hospital stays, fever durations, and durations than those not receiving prayer. Another ecological momentary assessment (EMA) study demonstrated how prayer significantly reduced blood pressure while improving heart rate.

Prayer should be part of your home and family’s everyday routine as adequate protection from evil. Prayer provides one of the strongest shields available against spiritual forces such as Satan or any other form of evil that might appear.


The Happiness Prayer is an effective and powerful way of asking God for joy and contentment in your life, as well as peace and strength to overcome challenges in your everyday life. This powerful and moving prayer can also bless homes or family gatherings or provide support and comfort to a distressed loved one.

Happiness can be defined as the feeling associated with love, enjoyable events, and things going well for an individual. Yet true joy lies beyond these temporary sources – it comes from serving God and living out His will for our lives. Focus on eternity rather than quick goals while finding joy in Him regardless of circumstances!

Prayers for happiness can be an excellent way to remind a family of its spiritual foundation and keep Satan from taking hold of our joy and happiness, such as depression or anxiety. By praying for our loved ones’ satisfaction, we’re entrusting them into the hands of the Lord; However, this doesn’t guarantee they won’t face dangers or diseases like any other human; he will undoubtedly walk alongside them through any trials they experience and provide comfort along their journey.

St. Philip Neri is one of the saints revered as patrons of happiness and joy. These individuals lived lives and taught others how to find it within themselves. Neri, known as “the patron saint of joy,” experienced numerous trials that could have caused his downfall – yet kept the joy in his heart, encouraging others along his journey to do the same.

Make time today to pray for happiness for you and those close to you, including yourself! These prayers for happiness are a fantastic way to show God you care while simultaneously finding comfort from the chaos of modern living. Be sure to incorporate these prayers and scriptures into daily devotionals! You can even download a free seven-page PDF version.