Best Bagels Near Me in NYC


Suppose you’re in NYC looking for the perfect bagel. In that case, this local deli has it all: fluffy classic bagels and inventive sandwich flavors are beloved among customers, along with healthy bites such as breakfast wraps and smoked fish dishes.

This hole-in-the-wall bakery stands alone as an undisputed champion in NYC bagel lore, boasting bread with firm textures that offer a refreshing change from other NYC bagels’ airy centers.

Bagel Oasis

This veteran outpost specializes in serving authentically firm and chewy bagels all day, emphasizing classic cream cheese spreads and lox. They also serve sandwiches such as the Fremont Rocket and Emerald City Gem, featuring turkey, Havarti cheese, avocado slices, and ginger-cilantro mayonnaise served on toasted bagels – with guests noting fast and friendly service here.

Bagel Oasis has been operating daily since 1961 and still makes traditional bagels with all-natural ingredients without artificial additives, homemade cream cheese spreads, and deli salads. They are located in Fresh Meadows, NY; take the Q17 bus to reach them.

Queens has a wonderful little shop hidden within it that has been making their bagels for more than 50 years, creating their unique texture with kettle boiling and then baking to produce a crispy outer crust and soft interior. Additionally, their fresh ingredients and friendly service make this shop worth trying; order one dozen to take out or try one of their signature bagel sandwiches; they even provide delivery services!

Bo’s Bagels

Bo’s Bagels is an unassuming eatery where bagels are the focus. Brooklyn is blessed with great bagel shops, but none focus so intently on creating exceptional bagels like these from Bo’s Bagels. Not jumbo New York-style bagels here–these small ones feature tight structures with an ideal ratio of dough to filling. These textbook-perfect bagels are worthy of taking home in bulk to enjoy leisurely.

The original location opened near Stuyvesant Town in 1976 and remains popular today, drawing long lines on weekends for their highly coveted bagels. They offer classics such as salt and garlic and new offerings like strawberry egg and lox! The bakery features a small but diverse menu, including classic options such as salt, garlic, strawberry egg, and lox.

Greenpoint’s Columbia-Presbyterian hospital employees and residents love this hidden shop in a residential neighborhood, where its family-run owners specialize in making delicious bagels. Also offered here is a variety of coffees and juices.

Even after numerous moves to new locations in East Village, this East Village staple has found a steady footing. Co-owners Nick Schreiber and J.D. Rocchio hail from Los Angeles but adhere to traditional East Coast model for their bagels, which feature dense yet squat bagels with unique East Coast flavor that appear almost burnt outside for maximum deliciousness.

You’d want these bagels to toast up and slather with your favorite spread! Additionally, their deli is outstanding, and staff members are amiable.


Leo’s Bagels stands out in an otherwise scarce neighborhood as an ode to carbs, with small yet dense bagels boasting crisp crusts that crackle against teeth for an unforgettable bite. Their distinct flavor and texture set them apart from typical New York City bagels; in addition, Leo’s offers a selection of cream cheeses and toppings as well as its signature bagels: Bialys, lox sandwiches, and other delectable goodies are also on offer here!

This family-run deli, established near Stuyvesant Town in 1976 and famous for its bagels, has quickly become one of the city’s best-known eateries. While their smoked fish is excellent, the star attraction here is their giant chewy bagels – so thick that they support sandwiches without collapsing under pressure! They even offer trendy food fads on bagels: strawberry and bagel kabobs, avocado bagel sandwiches, or even peanut butter and jam on a bagel!

Although this unassuming cafe doesn’t look impressive initially, its bagels are well worth your trip. Each batch is baked at such high temperatures that tiny air bubble bumps form on its surface for a light yet toast-like texture. Please choose any of the ten flavors on their menu, including pumpernickel everything and scallion cream cheese!

Bakeri is an idyllic bakery and cafe nestled into Greenpoint. This shop exudes English countryside charm from its floral print-covered counter and exposed kitchen to its signature bagels (especially their delicious kosher-style variety). They also have limited breakfast and lunch food offerings; their staff can assist if you are unsure which would suit you best!

H&H Bagels

H&H Bagels may not be as old as some other New York City bagel shops on this list, but they know their stuff! Since 1983, they’ve been serving top-tier bagels to New Yorkers–their bagels are freshly made each time you visit! Popular among Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center employees and residents living around Washington Heights, with thick crust and hearty chew. Their poppy and whole wheat options are tasty when served alone or topped with egg salad!

Murray’s Bagels has long provided Bed Stuy and its surrounding neighborhoods with delicious bagels. Crafting their bagels using traditional methods – 24-hour fermentation followed by brief boiling before baking – results in a crunchy exterior and soft, chewy interior that make these delicious bites perfect for spreading on various toppings and spreads; their raisin and cinnamon sugar bags are especially sought-after!

Bakeri is an iconic Greenpoint neighborhood bakery. Serving delicious Scandinavian skolebrod, German chocolate cake, and loaves of sourdough rye loaves as well as exceptional bagels such as their sourdough white sesame variety and chocolate chip cinnamon raisin varieties, it makes up part of its daily lunch service menu.

Ess-a-Bagel was established in 1976, quickly becoming a favorite in Manhattan. Their delicious sourdough and sesame bagels are known for being big, fluffy, and filled with the ideal amount of cream cheese – not to mention friendly service, an extensive menu selection, and multiple locations across Manhattan so that customers can quickly locate a location near them.


No one in New York seems to agree on which bagel shop offers the best; while some claim Black Seed Bagels is best, Murray’s Bagels is often preferred. But New Yorkers agree on one aspect: an ideal bagel should have both crisp exteriors and chewy centers. To help you decide where to find your perfect bagel, we have compiled this list of places offering New York-style bagels.

Midtown’s Bagels & Coffee shop is an increasingly popular stop for residents to grab quick bites. Boiling and then baking give these bagels their light texture and sweet taste. In addition, an impressive variety of sandwiches and great coffee offerings are available here.

Small in size but worth visiting. Their staff is friendly, and fast service is offered; their bagels do not adhere to traditional New York style but instead boast delicious crunchy crusts with soft, chewy centers – they even come with creamy and savory schmear for topping off each treat! Plus, the prices are highly affordable.

Pick-A-Bagel offers authentic New York-style bagels in many varieties of toppings and fillings – vegan options can even be found! Visit them today and discover deliciously satisfying bagel dining!

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