Continental Control Contact Tour A/S Plus Tire Review


Continental Control Contact Tour A/S Plus tires offer optimal on-road performance for seamless harmony but aren’t meant for rugged terrain and muddy adventures.

Continental offers all-season touring tires explicitly designed to meet the demands of compact sedans, midsize cars, small crossovers, and minivans. But do these promises hold water?


Continental’s Control Contact Tour A/S Plus is a fantastic example of its expertise in tire manufacturing. Boasting virtually every desirable attribute consumers desire in an all-season touring tire at a significantly lower cost, this tire also comes backed with one of the most extended treadwear warranties on the market, so that either you get your money’s worth out of this tire or can replace it quickly for far less than its original cost.

Control Contact Tour A/S plus tires feature a symmetrical tread design engineered to keep the road close to your vehicle at all times, reducing road vibrations felt within your cabin and providing for a more enjoyable drive experience.

Wet pavement handling capabilities are also outstanding, thanks to a silica tread compound and full-depth siping, with its thousands of biting edges providing maximum gripping power on slippery roads for an unsurpassed driving experience. Even during aggressive maneuvering, this tire provides a comfortable and confident ride.

Continental claims this tire can be used on various cars, from standard sedans and crossover vehicles to more performance-focused touring tires like their TrueContact Tour or ControlContact Sport models.

This all-season tire excels in light snow and ice driving conditions. Furthermore, its set of distinct traction grooves helps prevent hydroplaning by redirecting water away from its tread area into its center – helping reduce hydroplaning significantly. Additionally, silane gives this all-season touring tire the ability to cling to wet surfaces more securely. Perfect for compact sedans, midsize sedans, small crossover vehicles, and minivans, sporty hatchbacks may even pair nicely. Discount Tire offers this EcoPlus tire, featuring an 80,000 mile limited treadwear warranty and 60 60-day trial period to enhance its reliability, wear characteristics, and wet/winter traction. Additionally, Discount Tire also provides this tire’s purchase, including a limited treadwear warranty of 60 days from the date of sale for maximum peace of mind.


The Control Contact Tour A/S Plus tire stands out in the all-season touring category as one of the highest-rated tires, ideal for sedans, compact cars, midsize cars, crossovers, and minivans alike. It boasts impressive features, including long tread life, solid road handling performance, and its ability to withstand dry roads as well as wet, snowy, and off-road environments.

The tire’s impressive traction abilities can be attributed to its strategically engineered tread compound, featuring Tg-F polymers and specialty silane tread additives that adhere more securely to road surfaces, helping prevent wheel slip and decrease braking distances. Full-depth siping adds extra biting edges, which further prevent adhesion on road surfaces for improved traction and prevent wheel slip.

Continental tires offer additional noise reduction by minimizing sound-producing friction, making your journey much quieter during the cruising phase of the trip when these tires can quickly dissipate vibrations for a comfortable journey.

This touring tire also excels in terms of wet road handling capabilities due to its tread pattern’s ability to divert water away from its contact patch, thus decreasing hydroplaning risks and giving drivers increased confidence when traversing wet roads.

However, its tread pattern may not provide sufficient traction on loose dirt or grassy surfaces, prompting it to be wiser to purchase more rugged tires for your SUV or pickup truck. That doesn’t mean they won’t still work when driving on these types of surfaces – just that their performance won’t match that of dedicated off-road tires.

As a premium all-season touring tire, the Control Contact Tour A/S Plus stands out in all driving scenarios. It provides a solid cornering feel while lacking precise steering feel compared to high-performance tires – likely because it was designed with commuters in mind rather than those demanding high horsepower applications from their vehicle.


As expected of a premium touring tire, Control Contact Tour A/S Plus displays impressive traction under all road conditions. It can maintain an unwavering grip in wet, dry, or winter environments without compromising ride comfort or tread wear.

Attributing its impressive performance is the tread pattern’s use of full-depth sipes and widely spaced traction grooves, which help channel water away from the road surface to prevent hydroplaning in wet conditions and reduce hydroplaning risk. Furthermore, its series of biting edges located near its base digs into snowy or icy road surfaces for extra grip and improved road handling in cold conditions.

These tires’ traction capabilities are enhanced further with a tread compound made up of +Silane additives, helping reduce abrasion while increasing all-season traction backed by an impressive 90,000-mile limited treadwear warranty.

Control contact tour a/splus tires are designed as all-season tires yet still perform admirably in light snowfall. Unfortunately, as they don’t contain UHP tread technology, they might be better suited for frequent drivers on snowy or icy roads who require UHP tread tires instead.

The Control Contact Tour A/S Plus’s impressive traction comes at an outstanding value, with prices that are less than most touring tires and one of the industry’s best warranties. In short, this tire makes an ideal choice for consumers seeking fuel efficiency combined with confident road traction.

Furthermore, the tread design provides a perfect combination of long-term all-season traction and quiet road manners. Its symmetrical tread can deliver a fantastic driving experience on wet, dry, and snowy roads while minimizing road vibrations to provide a more comfortable ride experience. A Comfort Band also helps reduce the impact of tire harmonics and road vibration on vehicle occupants for a smoother experience – particularly advantageous on vehicles with stiff suspension that could produce harsh or unpleasant ride quality.


As an all-season touring tire, the Control Contact Tour A/S Plus tire was designed to offer consistent and reliable performance on standard sedans, small crossover vehicles, and minivans. It features enough grip to manage light off-road driving on gravel, dirt, loose grassy surfaces, as well as mild rock or mud terrain, thanks to its symmetric tread design and broad shoulders, which ensure constant contact between tire tread and road surface.

Though the Control Contact Tour A/S Plus may lack the precision of high-performance or UHP tires, it still manages to provide impressive ride comfort and noise suppression on highway cruising thanks to its tread design, which reduces road noise-producing friction and vibration significantly, earning this tire a 4-star rating in ride comfort and quietness categories.

Control Contact Tour A/S Plus tires have an innovative tread design to reduce wear and tear, giving them extended service before needing retreading or replacement altogether.