Linking Strategies For SEO Resellers


An effective linking strategy is one of the critical strategies for increasing website conversions, especially for SEO resellers who rely on regular access to high-quality links. Find the best high authority backlinks.

As part of your link-building efforts, we have compiled a list of 25 strategies for earning natural and scalable links.

1. Reach Out to Bloggers

Blogger outreach can be an effective way of building links and increasing off-site SEO ranking. Still, you must be careful about which bloggers you approach and the links you seek – low-quality links could get penalized by Google, setting back rankings several steps. In contrast, high-quality ones could give your website a significant boost in organic search traffic.

Find bloggers writing on topics similar to your own by conducting a keyword search, searching Twitter, or checking their About Us pages.

2. Offer a Service

Links were designed to drive visitors to websites, making them an integral component of search engine optimization (SEO). Your link-building strategy should focus on securing links from authoritative websites that will send referral traffic your way.

Make the most of your linking efforts by prioritizing links to your best onsite pages, as this will increase domain authority and referral visits.

By using a plugin like Pretty Links, you can monitor the performance of your links and optimize them to meet their maximum potential.

3. Ask for a Link

Linking to your best onsite pages can have an enormously positive effect on your overall domain authority, particularly internal links, which pass page-specific authority to specific internal pages, increasing their ranking potential more than other pages on your website.

Whenever someone spots a broken link on a resource page, they usually welcome the opportunity to add your content instead. This can be one of the easiest ways to secure backlinks to your site from top blogs or magazines.

Ahrefs’ Content Explorer can help you quickly identify the most pertinent websites. Be sure to reach out directly and include a compelling subject line for your email. Otherwise, your request might never get seen by its recipient.

4. Write a Guest Post

Guest blogging is an effective way to expand your audience and strengthen your online presence, but before beginning, it’s essential to understand each publication’s guidelines. Take time to go over their submission requirements as well as their response times when pitching content ideas.

Avoid overtly promotional or “sales” language, as this may alienate readers. Instead, create content that helps readers solve problems or simplify their lives; engaging readers will increase the chance that they share posts or link back to your website.

5. Ask for a Review

Many online businesses hesitate to solicit reviews because they fear appearing pushy or desperate, yet solicitation of reviews can build trust with potential customers and increase search engine ranking. When done right, asking for reviews can actually improve search engine results rankings by building the relationship between potential customers and your search engine ranking.

At its optimal, asking customers for reviews right after purchasing your product should be done within 48 hours, when their experience remains fresh in their minds. Incorporating words that make your request more personalized and persuasive.

Offer small incentives like discounts and freebies as extra enticement, such as discounts or gifts, to encourage customers to leave positive reviews of your business. Just remember not to overdo it, as too much might appear like bribery and harm your reputation.

6. Share Your Content on Social Media

Social media can be an incredibly effective platform for sharing and connecting with your target audience. When creating posts on this channel, ensure they’re both attractive and pertinent for the followers who engage with it.

Note that audience expectations vary between platforms: Facebook posts should aim to stimulate emotional responses, while LinkedIn articles should offer practical tips and how-to guides.

Sharing content via Facebook can open your site up to an entirely new audience – particularly useful when sharing seasonal or timely material. Pretty Links makes sharing easier by tracking performance and customizing links while offering customizable reporting on them.

7. Ask for a Link from a Roundup

Link roundups are an effective way of building quality backlinks for your business and increasing SEO rankings. But it’s important to remember that roundups shouldn’t be used for spammy links or linking out to irrelevant websites – be wary!

To ensure this strategy works effectively for you, identify which websites regularly host roundups in your niche. Search strings such as “link roundup” + your industry to quickly find relevant results.

Once you’ve identified an ideal roundup to target, contact its curator and pitch your content – ideally offering something unique or valuable that will benefit readers.

8. Share Your Content on a Forum

Forum posting can be an excellent way to reach an audience that would otherwise remain hidden. Begin by searching for topics relevant to your content; if none exist, create your thread!

Focus on providing value rather than simply sharing videos. Participate in conversations, build relationships, and assist other members as much as possible – this will ensure your content gets noticed by those who matter, increasing its likelihood of getting linked. Also, include an image to lure people in!

9. Ask for a Link from a Blog

One effective strategy for building links is creating high-quality and original content that other publishers want to link to – such as infographics, free tools, resource pages, or YouTube video tutorials.

Make sure the content you’re asking to be linked is relevant for their audience and vary the anchor text of links – this helps prevent your backlink profile from looking unnatural to Google.

Discover which bloggers or websites have mentioned your brand without linking back – an approach that provides more effective results! It’s like broken link-building with more positive outcomes!

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