Top 5 Guest Posting Sites


Guest posting can be an effective way to spread your brand to an untapped market, building authority and positioning yourself as an authority within an industry. Choose the best guest post service.

Finding websites whose niches intersect with your own and have clear guidelines can be challenging, so tools like Moz or Ahrefs may be helpful in finding them.

1. Scotsman Guide

Scotsman Guide is the go-to source for news and information for mortgage professionals in the industry, providing insight that grounds you, rankings that raise you, and connections that unite. Scotsman Guide delivers content and tools to help you perform at your best and advance your career.

2001 – Scotsman Guide began publishing monthly magazines focused on mortgage-related content for residential and commercial mortgage loans. 2008 – Scotsman Guide’s revenue dropped dramatically during the Great Recession; however, Scotsman Guide managed to survive by cutting costs and employees. 2014 – Scotsman Guide launched its website featuring original news reporting of coverage of mortgage market trends. Major stories appeared regularly in monthly print magazines, as well as daily service provided through SG Online News, which features Lender Search and Loan Post tools on its platform.

2. Elephant Journal

Elephant Journal is an open, online writing platform where anyone can express their innermost deep thoughts freely. While a team ensures its smooth operation, all user-generated content comes from users themselves – writing topics include heartbreak, sexual relationships, parenting issues, yoga practice, and veganism – with readers as well as authors joining to write. There’s even an active community dedicated to this project where readers and authors alike can interact.

As part of your agreement with Elephant Journal’s community guidelines, you agree not to engage in activities that could be considered abusive, harmful, or illegal. You are solely responsible for all activity on your account and must keep your password confidential; also, no selling or transfer of accounts may take place between users; registration/updating forms should contain accurate, truthful, and complete data for registration/updating your accounts.

Users can access our Services without creating an account, but to save or comment on posts by other people, you will require one. Provide your email address and a password when signing up!

3. Cloudways

Once you create an account, you have several server types and sizes from which to select – one gigabyte of memory runs at $13/month, which offers decent performance but isn’t exactly cheap. Digital Ocean or Linode may provide more power; I recommend sticking with Vultr. Check out the Best info about guest blogging services.

Once you click Launch, your server should take several minutes to be configured, and you’ll be taken to its Access Details page, where you will see a temporary URL, Admin login credentials, and MySQL information.

Cloudways uses servers from some of the leading providers in the industry, which helps them provide premium performance. At the same time, Cloudways does make some optimizations beyond these basics, such as WP Rocket or FlyingPress, to speed up websites further. Cloudways has an extensive knowledge base as well as 24/7 customer support, which you can reach via phone call, email, and live chat if needed.

5. Business2Community

Business2Community is an independent online publisher of US and world news that serves its community of readers by publishing articles with balanced perspectives of current affairs in business. Furthermore, fact-checks are conducted, and emotionally charged articles are avoided before being published; Business2Community can serve as an excellent resource for companies looking to strengthen relationships within their local communities. Brian Rice founded and served as editor-in-chief for Business2Community.

Zippia provides an in-depth view of Business 2 Community’s company details, such as salary and political affiliations, to inform job seekers of this employer. Data comes from employees self-reporting their salary details, while estimates may also be taken from company filings. You can share your knowledge by editing its profile.

Business2Community was launched in 2014 as an interactive business website designed to link businesses with their audiences. Offering various products and services designed to assist with business success, Business2Community helps connect businesses to audiences online.

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