Install The AI Dungeon Master And Enjoy The Stunning Graphics And Gameplay



Very few video games you will find which you can play on both the computer and on phone. AI Dungeon Master is one of them. So people who are not very much aware of using the smartphone can play it on their computer too. In this year all, we have seen many ups and downs due to the pandemic. People have become prisoners. All source of entertainment has stopped.

The good part is you are left with your phone, which is the biggest source of entertainment. A few days back I came to know about the AI Dungeon Master. To be very honest I am crazy about the game, now when I cannot go outside to play with my friends I rely on my indoor game only. My latest discovery is the AI Dungeon. Here I am going to brief you about this game so that it will be helpful for those people who are not aware of this. Let’s get started,


About AI Dungeon Master


This is one of the popular free to play the multi and single-player game, which is also known as the text adventure game. In this game to generate unlimited content, AI or Artificial Intelligence is used. As a game player, you can develop and share your own custom adventure settings in this AI Dungeon Master. The first version of this game was available in May 2019, on Colab. The second version of this game was released for android and ios. In July 2020 the AI model of this game was updated.


Welcome to the world of possibilities


I was quite thrilled when I first open the game. When you open the AI Dungeon Master game will be greeted first. On your screen you will notice a note for you, i.e “ you are going to enter the endless world of possibilities, where you can do anything from your imagination, do you want to proceed?” Start your game by clicking Yes. Moving on to the next segment where I am going to describe how you guys can install the AI Dungeon Master on your PC or laptop.


Steps to install the AI Dungeon Master


  • First of all download the latest Bluestacks 4 on your laptop or computer. You won’t believe guys that at this moment, this one of the best android emulators. It is advisable that try not to use any other emulator as that might not work as well as this.


  • Your second step would be to download the Bluestack rooted version as an alternate for better control and option. This is only for power users. Rooted Bluestacks 4 is the best if you want to find the most out of your system.


  • Now open the play store, this one is considered as the official process to install the game, so are you ready?



  • Put your google account and login to the play store from where you can download. If you already have an existing account open through that.


  • Search for the AI Dungeon Master and click to download that.


  • Click on the install button and start installing shortly.


  • Finally, open the menu and launch the AI Dungeon on your PC. Click on the icon to launch the game. After the installation, you are ready to play.


  • If you do not want to install the APK on your PC then install it from any third party. Now, wait for the installation notification.


Does AI Dungeon work on mobile?

Yes, AI Dungeon works in ios and android.

AI Dungeon is free?

Yes, AI Dungeon is free to play.

Can I play it offline?

Yes, you can play it offline too.