Why Bonza Word Puzzle is the Extraordinary


There are very games out there which you can play both on your smartphones or even laptops or desktops with very little system requirements. Bonza Word Puzzle is one such interesting game which is a light game to run too. This year has been completely different than others, we are going through a pandemic that has forced us to stay at home.

We have limited entertainment as well and socializing with friends, family, and colleagues have vanished from our lives. What we are left is with our gadgets and the internet. They have evolved as the exclusive source of entertainment. I found the Bonza Word Puzzle very interesting and very addictive. So, let’s take a tour of my new find of this amazing new puzzle game.


About Bonza word puzzle game


Bonza Word Puzzle is a single-player game with multiple levels of difficulty. As a player, I was taken aback by the unbelievable and impressive level of thinking that has gone behind building this game. The levels are well thought through and designed. Thanks to game creators and designers. A great amount of AI has gone into the game as based on the gameplay of the more you play a type of puzzle it will throw more difficult ones. This is one of the best puzzle games out there on mobiles.


A Game for Word Lovers


It’s a crossword puzzle with the essence of Rubik’s cube in it which makes it more interesting and gives a feeling of those newspaper crossword-type puzzles. Thus, older peoples too get interested in playing this stunning game. The interface of the Bonza Word Puzzle game is very clean and user friendly. You have a clean slate to start with a bunch of words enclosed in blocks of various sizes.

You need to bring them together to create a meaningful word so that blocks are attached perfectly. This game was first introduced on the play store in the year 2017 and till today with each version it got better than the previous one. Now when you know briefly about the amazing Bonza Word Puzzle it’s time to understand the installation steps.


Installation steps for Bonza Word Puzzle


The Bonza Word Puzzle game is available on google play store, apple app store as well as on amazon apps. Steps are simple for a mobile user while there are some secret steps for laptops or desktops.

  • For laptops/desktops first, install the Bluestacks 4 on your device which is an android emulator and one of the best in business.
  • For better controls and options, it’s advisable to install the rooted version of Bluestacks 4 android emulators.
  • Once done steps are the same as mobile, go to the android play store and get yourself registered if not. Then just search for Bonza Word Puzzle.
  • If you are an iPhone user then go to Apple App store to do the same.
  • Click on install and it gets automatically installed in your emulator/mobile phone.
  • Finally, find the app and launch it on your device. It will welcome you to a screen and you are ready to play the Bonza Word Puzzle.
  • For the laptop users using Bluestacks 4, you will have to download APK from the play store or any third-party website to install and play.


Does Bonza Word Puzzle on the laptop?

Yes, through an emulator you can play it on your laptop.

Bonza Word Puzzle is free?

Yes, the Bonza Word Puzzle is free to play.

Can it be played without the internet?

Yes, you can play it offline as well.