Typochondria – Make your spelling learning interesting and fun with Typochondria


Typochondria is one such game not only for kids but for everyone who excels in writing, spellings and certainly gets annoyed if sees any kind of typo error while reading any book. English word games or spelling games is the best way for kids to stay productive and efficient in a fun way.  Also, you will become happy after not seeing any misspelling when you are just about to end up with a novel.


A bit more about Typochondria


As already mentioned above Typochondria is all about correcting typos, spelling in a fun way but while playing it if you are feeling stressed then it can be fun too. There is a particularly Zen mode in the game where you just play in a relax mode and that too endlessly. But if suddenly your mood change and you became competitive? There is a solution too for this as you can experience a tough mode challenge called Zen mode where you can play in a relaxed way and without any risk. Even a pro can play for the tough challenge mode too.


Enhance your creative writing with Typochondria

As Typochondria is mainly about writing well and creatively so people who are into this business or kids who love to write can find this game very useful and loving too. You can create random meaningful sentences or change the sentences with a completely new one. The unconventional word combinations will make you a pro in creative writing and will create a sprinkle at the top of the word. Thus, this game is a blessing for kids too as not only they can have fun but also can learn too.


Different Game mode


In Typochondria you can also get different game mode. This game will help to boost your mental health in a long way. If you want to stay relaxed and play a fun-loving game, this is the ideal one. Even the challenge more will turn you in a competitive person where you need to face several interesting challenges to test your mettle.


Good news for book lovers


For book lovers, Typochondria is the best game which you can look for. Not only you will be able to read many books but also you can able to choose your category of books like Science, Fiction, Non-fiction, Romance where your vocabulary is the best or unique and you can alter the sentences as per that suits them best.


Increases in concentration


Typochondria is the best game for students to increase their concentration while even playing. As this is a game and you need to solve different levels your concentration level will also increase which suits the best for students. This game will help you to increase your attention span too with a better approached to stay focused on your work, Also, this will also enable you to identify your skill at the best.


Stay stress-free


Typochondria is the best choice for people who wants to stay stress-free. If you are stressed too much with your work and can’t fulfil your hobby of creative writing, then what can be more exciting to accomplish that while playing a simple game. This game will reduce your stress level and make you feel ease.


how you can make spelling fun?

Spelling can be fun too especially when you learn them through a game or an app.

Is Typochondria free or paid?

This is a paid app but once you pay, you can able to play this game for a lifetime.

What is spelling game?

Spelling games are good for all ages and especially for kids to build up confidence in them.