Zizzi Bridley Place


The Italian chain Zizzi Brindley Place is one of the top Italian restaurants in London. It serves traditional pasta and pizza on wooden boards. If you are craving a slice of pizza, you can order from the menu or order your food through delivery services like Uber Eats. The restaurant is also open late, so you can enjoy dinner without worrying about the crowd.


The Location of Zizzi Bradley Place is a fine Italian restaurant in Birmingham. The restaurant is located at 3 Brindley Place, Birmingham, England. Many nearby locations are worth checking out, including George St, Broad St, and Gas St. The restaurant also offers Outdoor seating.

Zizzi serves a variety of family-friendly Italian fare. The menu includes pizza Rustica, king prawns, and belly pork. You can choose from various sundaes, gelato, and chocolate custard for dessert. You can also try their drinks, including chianti and beer.

Uber Eats

If you want to enjoy an Italian meal with your friends and loved ones, look no further than Zizzi. The modern-style pizzeria features a fun atmosphere and friendly staff. The menu includes classic dishes like pizza Rustica, king prawns, and a range of Italian desserts. The restaurant also offers a wide range of drinks, including prosecco, beer, and chianti.


If you’re looking for a fast delivery service that delivers Italian meals, Zizzi is the perfect place to go. This modern pizzeria boasts a warm atmosphere, friendly staff, and excellent service. PItsprices are competitive, and the decor is contemporary and modern. What’s more, Zizzi has plenty of positive customer reviews on Google.

You’ll love Zizzi’s varied menu, which features everything from pizza Rustica to king prawns and belly pork. Plus, they have gelato, chocolate custard, and sundaes to satisfy any sweet tooth. You can order a glass of prosecco, beer, or chianti for drinks.