The Best XCOM 2 PS3 Alternatives


The first XCOM game was amazing and when the developers announced that there would best sequel most PS3 gamers were hoping that the XCOM 2 PS3 version would be as amazing as the first. When the game launched in 2O16, without a PS3 version most PS3 gamers were disappointed. The developers initially released the PC version, then in November 2016 released the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, without any talk of an XCOM 2 PS3 title.

Why There Is No XCOM PS3 Version.

The developers of Xcom 2 Ps3 had initially planned to release XCOM 2 only on one platform. They claimed that it was easier to develop the game on one platform as compared to multiple platforms. Although they later launched the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox one, the reasoning that the fewer the platforms the easier it is to develop is the main reason why we do not have an XCOM 2 PS3 version. The developers have constantly shut out the possibility of an XCOM 2 PS3 version. If you were hooked onto XCOM already the good news is there are dozens of alternatives on PS3 that offer the turn-based strategy gameplay that comes with XCOM 2.

XCOM PS3 Alternatives

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

The first pick for the best Xcom 2 Ps3 alternative on PS3 has to be the XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The prequel to XCOM 2 is a power title. The game was critically acclaimed as one of the best strategy games. The game allows you to manage assets, fight aliens, and build a state of the art research labs to achieve one cumulative goal which is to defend the earth. The fact that the game has a stand-alone mini-game expansion called XCOM: Enemy Within which comes with dozens of new features means that the title will never get boring and you can always enjoy new mods on your PS3.

Battle Hunter

If you are a strategy game fan that loves Anime then this is the title for you. This anime-style game offers you a chance to help save the Earth by going to battle with other hunters to retrieve a relic. The game is set up in a post-conflict era, with very few scientists that are trying to find a formula that will save humanity from extinction. The hunter must get the relic and help come up with the formula. Battle Hunter is immersive and that couple up with top tier anime-style graphics makes the game a must-play. The smooth controls are also worth a mention.

Valkaryia Chronicles

Just like XCOM 2, Valkaryia Chronicles allows you to immerse into a turn-based strategy game. The only difference is that Valkarya Chronicles is set up in World War 2 like era, in Europe. The plot in the game is about 2 warring European factions. The battle between the factions destroys your town and your mission is to save, the town and avenge the destruction. The game gives you a chance to recruit your team and lead it on your quest for vengeance. The seamless storyline and advanced RPG in the game makes one of the best strategy games on the market and a must-play.

If you were psyched for XCOM 2 then these titles will give you the same drive, you would get form XCOM 2. Try these games out and enjoy the best of strategy gaming on your PS3.


Is there XCOM 2 on PS3?

No there is no XCOM 2 PS3 version

Where can I play XCOM 2?

You can play XCOM 2 ON your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

When was XCOM 2 released?

XCOM 2 was released in 2016